Eleaf Elven Pod Kit Review

The Elven Pod device (affiliate) was sent to me for review from VapeSourcing.com. This is a very simple and small stick-device designed for mainly for high-nicotine vaping.


  • Size: 100mm (tall) x 20mm (wide) x 10mm (thick)
  • Weight: 120 grams
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy + Plastic
  • Battery Capacity: Built-in 360mAh Battery
  • Power Range: 5W-15W
  • Pod Capacity: 1.6ml
  • Colors: Red, Gold, Silver, and Black
  • $16.29 from VapeSourcing

In the Box:

  • Elven Battery
  • 2 x Elven cartridges
  • USB Cable
  • User Manual


The design of the Elven is nice. Nothing really new going on here, but it’s fine. It’s very similar to other stick-style pod devices. It’s about 4 inches tall, 3/4 inch wide, and less than a 1/2 inch thick. It’s not too tall and it’s nice and slim, so it’s comfortable to hold and use.

I also really like that Eleaf added a little cutout into the casing so that we can see how much e-juice is in the pod.

The finish looks good and overall, the device looks nice.


The Elven is draw activated, so you don’t need to do anything to turn it on other than to take a hit. Eleaf tried to do something different with the Elven by giving users two airflow options, and it works okay, but not great.

So the idea here is that one side of the pod is closed off.

And the other side has an opening.

Depending on how much airflow you want, you would match that up to the airflow hole on the Elven device.

So if you want a tight draw, you would line up the closed side of the pod with the hole on the Elven or if you want a more airy and open draw, you’d line up the open side of the pod with the hole. It’s a great idea in theory, and it sort of works, but it doesn’t work perfectly. No matter which side of the pod you use, the airflow stays about the same. There is some difference, but it’s not much.

The Pod

The pod snaps into place really snug. It’s not going to fall out. It’s even a little hard to pull out, but not what I would consider being a bad thing. I like not having to worry about the pod falling out in my pocket.

Eleaf says that the pods have an ergonomic mouthpiece, and I think this might be more of a personal preference.

Personally, I don’t think it’s ergonomic. I think it’s actually a little bulky and uncomfortable. It’s fine if you vape with the front of your mouth, but if you vape from the sides of your mouth, which is how I vape, it’s hard to get good suction.

The pod is refillable, so that’s nice. There’s a little plug on the side that you open up. It’s a little small so you’ll need a fine tip bottle.

The pod can hold 1.6ml of e-juice, so not a lot, but if you’re using high-nic e-juice, which is what this device was pretty much made for, you probably won’t be chain vaping and running through e-juice on here.


The coil inside is a 1.6-ohm coil, not that it really matters, but it’s indicative of the type of vape you’ll get – a tight draw and low wattage. It hits great too. I can take hit after hit, and I’ve never gotten a dry hit.

The Elven has a 5 to 15-watt output, so that means the vape will become less powerful as the battery drains. In my opinion, it’s satisfying all the way up until the point the battery is about to die, so I’d say that the coils are designed well.

And the flavor is good too.


The battery inside is a 360mAh built-in battery, so it’s pretty tiny. It might last you a full day, but that depends on how much you vape. As a comparison, the Juul is said to have a 250mAh battery, so if you’re familiar with the Juul’s battery life, the Elven will last just a little longer. And the Elven charges using a micro USB cable, so it’s nice not having to deal with a proprietary charge.

There are three colors on the LED to indicate battery life; green for good, blue for medium, and red for low.

Safety Protections:

  • Over-charge
  • Over-discharge
  • Over-current
  • Reverse Polarity
  • Over 10 Seconds
  • Short Circuit

Final Thoughts

So that’s it for the Eleaf Elven. It’s a nice device for the most part. It’s small, the battery life is decent, the flavor is good, the coils perform great, and it’s refillable. And it’s also very affordable. The two mains cons I have is that the airflow adjustment feature just works okay and the mouthpiece is bulky and a little uncomfortable, at least for people who draw from their sides of their mouth like me.

Alright, well you can get the Elven from VapeSourcing.com for $16.29 (affiliate).

IQ Releases a New Cucumber Flavor to Rival Juul’s

IQ is enhancing their juice line with their newest release, the IQ Cucumber flavor, which will be launched on Valentine’s Day. In conjunction with the legendary juice supplier, Hangsen, IQ has solidified themselves as a premier e-liquid supplier. Their new flavor delivers a cooling wave with every hit with a fresh cucumber taste.

They are one of the few manufacturers who is challenging Juul by also selling salt nic e-liquid. The key difference is that their juice is created for open pod systems that can be used across all their devices as opposed to being locked to a singular device like Juul. People say that iQ cucumber flavor tastes a lot like JUUL’s cucumber juice, which JUUL stopped supplying several months ago.

As part of their launch, they are offering a limited time Buy One Get One Free on all devices. You can get two iQ devices for yourself or share one with your loved one! iQ cucumber juice goes from 0% nicotine all the way to the standard 5% nicotine across all five of their flavors.

All you need to do is check out their collection of e-juices and to get an extra juice for free, enter the promo code CUCUMBER at checkout.

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NJOY Ace Kit Pod Review

NJOY was one of the few vape companies who actually had a really good Black Friday deal going on, so I bought this Ace kit for only $1. Well, it was $5 with shipping, but still a great deal.

So if you’re not familiar with NJOY, they are an independent company, not owned by Big Tobacco. And they’ve been in the vape game for a long time. In 2010, they won a lawsuit against the FDA that prevented the FDA from regulating vape products as drugs or medical devices. They played a big role in allowing vaping to be the industry it is today.

They aren’t nearly as popular as they once were, but they’re one of the only independent brands that aren’t owned by tobacco that you can actually find in gas stations and convenience stores. I’ve always been a big fan of their products, so I’m excited to talk about their new Ace kit.

Continue reading NJOY Ace Kit Pod Review

Study Shows Vaping Helps More Smokers Quit Than FDA Approved Products

The New England Journal of Medicine just published a new study today that shows vaping is twice more successful in helping smokers to quit smoking than patches, lozenges, and gum. The study was performed by researchers at Queen Mary University of London and it was funded by Britain’s National Institute. Independent experts who have reviewed the study have also said that this study was robust and well-conducted.

The study looked at nearly 900 smokers who were trying to quit smoking using various methods. What they found was that 18 percent of them had quit smoking entirely after a year of vaping, while only 9.9% of them had quit smoking using other nicotine replacement products.

This study shows stronger results for vaping than in other studies have, which the researchers believe is because their study includes smokers seriously wanting to quit. Many other studies only look at smokers or vapers in general, who may or may not have a strong desire to quit.

So here’s how the study played out.

886 smokers were randomly split up into two groups. Some of them received a three-months supply of traditional quitting products such as nicotine gum, patches, sprays, or lozenges. The others were given a refillable vape starter pack and one bottle of 18mg e-juice. They were also encouraged to buy their own choice of future supplies.

All of the study participants had weekly one-to-one support for at least four weeks and they were all tested at the end of the year-long study to see if they were smoking.

The researchers believe there are a few reasons that the smokers in the study were so successful with vaping.

  • The users had the ability to choose their own liquids
  • Users were able to fine-tune nicotine doses to their needs
  • They received face-to-face support
  • The smokers were seeking help

There were also some other takeaways from the study. The vaping group had greater decreases in coughing, greater decreases in phlegm, less severe urges to smoke at 1 and 4 weeks, and less irritability and restlessness than the NRT group.

It’s a great study with other experts confirming that it was performed well and the study also shows that vaping works almost twice as much as traditional quitting smoking aids.

Let's Vape!