The Latest Vape News – The VapePassion Show Episode 74

Some of the topics discussed include:

  • E-Juice Review: Forest Mist from Steepd
  • How E-Cigs Can Be Used to Hack Your Computer
  • PSA: Don’t Use The Efest SODA Charger at the 1amp Setting
  • The CDC Released A Study Showing That Both Smoking and Vaping Rates Have Dropped
  • Researchers At Penn State Say Vaping is Less Addictive Than Smoking
  • DIY E-Juice: Smurf From Vapergate

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How to Get Free Concentrates from is a Troy, Michigan-based flavor concentrate manufacturer that specializes in custom flavor creation made in an FDA certified lab. These guys do some really cool things too. They have both PG and VG-based options and they also clearly mark concentrates if they test positive for diacetyl, acetyl propionyl, and acetoin.

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E-Juice Review: Smores by Loaded E-Liquid

I received Smores for free for the purpose of this review.

Smores comes from a company named Loaded, which is actually manufactured by Ruthless Vapor out of Southern California. I recently reviewed their Glazed Donuts e-juice a couple of weeks and I thought it was pretty good. Not amazing, but good.

Let’s see how this one stacks up.

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The Latest Vaping News – The VapePassion Show Episode 73

Some of the topics discussed include:

  • E-Juice Review: Marilyn From High Class Vape Co.
  • E-Juice Review: DIY E-Juice From One Of My Listeners
  • Old-School Vape Review: Smok DC Tank V1
  • VapeNW Is Back….Sort of
  • A Case of an Exploding Wismec Exo Skeleton Mod
  • Should The Vape Community Hide Negative Stories From the FDA?
  • Two Vape Shop Studies Show That Secondhand Vapor is Not a Concern

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9-Year Old Gets Nicotine Poisoning After Drinking E-Juice Found on Playground

A young girl in Fredericton, New Brunswick found herself in the hospital after she found a bottle of e-juice on the playground and drank it. The bottle of e-juice was called Unicorn Milk from a company called New Beginnings Vape Studio, also out of Fredericton.

The girl and her friends saw that the bottle had a cartoon unicorn on the label and smelled it, so they thought it might be something good. Shortly afterward, the 9-year old girl started suffering from nausea, dizziness, and chest cramps.

The girl’s mother, Lea L’Hoir learned that her daughter had drunken e-liquid, looked up the effects of nicotine poisoning online, and decided to take her daughter to the hospital where medical staff confirmed that she had nicotine poisoning.

She was released later that night.

No other news about the other girls has been released, or whether or not they also got sick.

In light of the situation, the owner of New Beginnings has said that he is considering changing the label. If you go to their website now, all pictures of Unicorn Milk have been taken down.

There’s no word of how the bottle of e-juice ended up on the playground. It could be that someone accidentally dropped as they were walking through.

Re-Igniting The Labeling and Flavoring Controversy

But this brings up the controversy of e-liquid labels, candy flavors, and their appeal to children. Obviously, this is a freak accident and not at all common, but it definitely brings up the question whether or not it’s okay to have cartoony labels.

I’ve argued in the past that cartoons on labels should be allowed because e-juices can only be purchased by adults, but I’ve changed my mind on this since then. Not just because of this story, but because I’ve come to realize that these labels are not necessary and only harm the reputation of the industry.

I know people will argue that it’s up to the parents to lock up e-juice so that kids can’t get into it, but kids are resourceful. They will find a way. And if kids see a cartoon label and smell something that smells like candy, they’re going to want to taste it. It’s why manufacturers of toxic cleaning products don’t put labels on their bottles that look appealing to kids.

I don’t know what the answer is, but I think an e-juice company can make an appealing label that doesn’t have cartoons and other child-friendly characters on it. But that still might not stop a kid from drinking it. Child safety caps work for little kids, but not for 9-year olds. So is the answer to put a large toxic warning on the label? I don’t know. What do you think?

The Latest Vaping News – The VapePassion Show Episode 72

Some of the topics discussed include:

  • How to Get Free Concentrates from
  • Quick Update: Fix for Eleaf iCare Mini Not Firing
  • Old-Fashioned Vape Review: Aspire CF Maxx
  • Naked 100 Counterfeits Hit The Market
  • A New Online Vape Store Designed For Beginners
  • A 9-Year Old In Canada Drank E-Juice and Suffered Nicotine Poisoning
  • How to Heat Steep E-Juice Using Water in a Small Saucepan
  • Vaping Makes an Appearance In a New Foo Fighter’s Music Video

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E-juice Review: Honey Bear From Marina Vape

Marina Vape describes Honey Bear as: “your favorite bear shaped honey flavored snack, blended with a glass of ice cold milk…honey. bears. graham crackers.”

Marina Vape gave this to me at a conference I attended last year for the purpose of review. This bottle has 3mg nicotine.

  • Max VG
  • Nicotine: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg

I’ll be honest, I was a little worried about this one. I always hear people saying that honey flavors are disgusting. Not Honey Bear specifically, just honey e-liquids in general. So we’ll see.

I don’t get any of the flavors out of the smell. It simply smells like sweetener.

I tested this on the Predator 228 mod with the Caterpillar RDA built at 0.21 ohms at 70 watts. I also tested this using the Goon RDA.

In both devices, Honey Bear tastes only like sweetener. I might get a hint of honey when using the Goon, but I’m not completely sure. I don’t get graham crackers, honey, or milk.

I’ve seen other reviews on this one from people saying they love it and these people say that they can taste graham crackers, so maybe it’s just me.

If you’re interested in this, I’m finding this on various stores online for around $14 for a 30 ml bottle. The price is a little steep, but not too crazy.

528 Custom Gives Bad Advice to Vapers

According to a post on, someone sent an email to customer support at 528 Customs asking them for some advice on the Goon 1.5 RDA they just bought the day before. This person mentioned to 528 that they had just purchased the Goon and even after installing several builds, the ohms constantly jump around.

He confirmed to 528 that the posts screws are tight and the coils don’t wiggle around at all. The RDA was also tightened all the way down on the device and it was tested on multiple devices. So basically, so there should be no reason for the ohms to move around once they’ve been fired.

Brittani Starkey of 528 Customs responded with this…

She said “Have you tried it on a mech mod?”

She then followed up an hour later saying that her husband is the owner of 528 and the designer of the Goon. She said that the advice she gave was his suggestion and she said that it’s impossible for ohms to jump around on a mech mod. She said using it on a mech first will usually fix the issue.

I don’t even know what to say about this. I guess it goes to show that even vape product manufacturers have no clue about vaping sometimes.

First, to say that firing an atomizer on a mech mod will produce different results than a regulated mod makes no sense at all. Either device will fire the coils. The only difference is that on a mech you’re limited by the batteries. There’s nothing physically different from how the atomizer receives power from the battery.

Then to say that it’s impossible for ohms to jump around on a mech mod is totally clueless. It’s impossible to know that ohms are jumping around because mech mods don’t have screens that show you the resistance changing, but that doesn’t mean it’s not happening. That’s equivalent to putting black tape over your check engine light in your car.

And to top it all off, someone posted the same issue on 528’s Instagram page. They were having issues with ohms jumping around. The owner responded condescendingly to this person saying that he already gave this person advice over email.

The owner thought it was the person from earlier but it wasn’t. He goes on to say that he’s been vaping for more than 4 years and that using an atomizer on a mech mod tends to fix voltage issues. He also states that the Goon 1.5 is the one of the safest RDAs on the market due to the materials and insulators they use.

I honestly can’t believe this is the advice the owner of an RDA manufacturing company gave to a customer. And he throws out the fact that he’s been vaping for more than 4 years, implying that he knows what he’s talking about.

I’m not trying to crap on the Goon, because it’s an amazing RDA, although I’ve seen lots of bad reviews of the new 1.5 version. But I wanted to cover this story just because this advice is not only terrible, but also dangerous.

I’ve experienced this issue with an atomizer in the past. If after making sure that everything is built correctly, tested with various builds and on various devices, and the issue still persists, it’s because there’s something wrong with the atomizer. It’s most likely that that there’s something wrong with the positive post or the 510 pin.

If the Goon 1.5 has some sort of shorting issue that’s causing the ohms to jump around, that could be extremely dangerous, especially on a mech mod. If the ohms jumped to below safe levels of the battery in a mech, that could hard short the battery and cause an explosion.

Seriously terrible advice. This might be an isolated issue, and not typical with the Goon 1.5 in general, but the advice they gave is so dangerous that I just had to talk about it.

528 Customs has since removed the Instagram thread and supposedly blocked everyone who commented on it, but the screenshots are on the Internet forever. And people are still commenting on other recent Instagram posts.

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