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EJuice Review: Hypno – Cinnamon Danish, Chocolate, and Caramel

Vape Craft Inc. sent me a bottle of Hypno from their “Vapors Anonymous” line of e-liquids for the purpose of doing a review. It’s a Cinnamon Danish Swirl, Caramel, and Double Chocolate flavored e-juice.


Product Specs:

  • Price: $5.95 for 15ml, $10.95 for 30ml, $26.95 for 120ml
  • Nic levels available: 0, 3, 6, 12, 18
  • 70 VG / 30 PG

How Does Hypno Smell?

It smells great. The most noticeable smell from the first whiff is the cinnamon danish swirl. The smell is very light, but it’s definitely cinnamon danish. I can’t really smell the other flavors.

What Does Hypno Taste Like?

I vaped this on my iStick 100w TC with the Mutation XV3 built at 0.32 ohms at 60 watts.

At first I could only taste the cinnamon danish, but after 7 or 8 hits, I started to taste the caramel and chocolate notes, but only slightly. The flavor is mild, but it’s good.

Also very noticeable was a strong throat hit. I noticed this in my review of Vapor Craft’s “VapeAholic” too.

What Other People Are Saying About Hypno

There aren’t many reviews for this, but for the few that I found, they were all very positive. The other reviews were pretty much in line with my own thoughts – the cinnamon stands out the most, and the overall flavor is mild, but good.

Do I Recommend Hypno?

I enjoyed the flavor of Hypno, especially after vaping it with an IPA. The IPA really brought out the cinnamon flavor. The biggest drawback is the harsh throat hit. I normally vape at 6mg nicotine and the throat hit feels more like 9mg or maybe even 12mg. If I were to order it again, I’d drop down to 3mg.

All in all, it’s a pretty good ejuice, and for only $5.95 for a 15ml bottle, I’d recommend it.

VapeAholic From Vape Craft Inc – Blueberry, Strawberry, Banana, and Pineapple Ejuice

Vape Craft Inc. sent me a bottle of VapeAholic from their “Vapors Anonymous” line of e-liquids for the purpose of doing a review. It’s a Blueberry, Strawberry, Banana, and Pineapple flavored e-juice.

VapeAholic description


  • Price: $5.95 for 15ml, $10.95 for 30ml, $26.95 for 120ml
  • Nic levels available: 0, 3, 6, 12, 18
  • 70 VG / 30 PG


The product description describes VapeAholic as a smoothie blend of fruits and I would say that they delivered on that claim. It definitely tastes like a strawberry and banana fruit smoothie. I can only slightly taste the pineapple, but I’m not able to taste the blueberry at all.

The flavor is actually very good, but it’s not very strong and I found that I could barely taste it after chain-vaping for a few minutes. Another issue is that the throat hit is quite harsh for 6mg nicotine.

What Other People Are Saying:

There aren’t many reviews of this e-juice online, but there are five reviews on the Vape Craft website and all but one of them are highly positive. The one negative review mentions that the production quality is inconsistent from batch to batch.

On a side note, I think it’s great that Vape Craft leaves negative reviews up on their site. It builds trust.

As for all of the positive reviews, they all basically say that they love the e-juice. Not really much else.

Final Thoughts

The flavor is delicious, but it’s very light. The flavor also doesn’t seem to last long. I could barely taste it after chain-vaping for just a few minutes. I would have like for the flavor to have stood out a bit more.

The throat hit is actually kind of harsh too. If I bought this again, I’d go with 3mg instead of 6mg to see if that would help.

The best thing about VapeAholic is that you can get a 15ml bottle for only $5.95. That’s a great deal!

One Hit Wonder E-Liquid Full Line Review


Updated 09/02/16

I reviewed most of One Hit Wonder E-Liquid’s line of flavors, minus the Police Man, because that flavor didn’t exist when I bought these samples! I’ve done something a little different in this review by pairing each flavor with a different craft beer. I debated doing this because I didn’t want people to think I was trying to copy Grimm Green, but I’m a big craft beer guy and it’s something I’ve wanted to do, so I just said screw it. Let me know what you think about the pairings!

This is a long one, but I’ve included time-stamps below for each section.

Update: It’s been several months since my original review and I wanted to provide an update after mostly finishing these flavors. My final opinion on these would be that they are all decent flavors, but they aren’t outstanding. There’s also way too much sweetener in all of them. I tried to finish up the last of My Man and Muffin Man last week and I couldn’t because my coils were gunking up too fast. I only had like 2ml of each left! Thats how fast my coils were getting gunked up! And what’s interesting is that there’s so much sweetener that I think it almost mutes the flavors. I think OHW e-juices are a great value for the cost, but I only like their e-juices on occasion, which is why I wouldn’t buy from them again since they only sell in very large bottles.

Time Stamps:

You can watch the video on YouTube and click the live time-stamps in the video description to more easily navigate to the sections you’re interested in.

  • 1:06 The PairWise App
  • 1:47 Muffin Man
  • 6:04 Muffin Man Pairing: Funkwerks Saison
  • 7:17 Rocket Man
  • 10:29 Rocket Man Pairing: Oskar Blues Hotbox Coffee Porter
  • 11:28 Milk Man
  • 13:51 Milk Man Pairing: Ole Jubilation Ale from Avery Brewing Co.
  • 14:47 My-Man
  • 17:17 My-Man Pairing: Shock Top
  • 18:03 Final Thoughts
  • 18:51 Tip for getting sample sizes

E-Juice Review: Halo eVo E-Juice

Halo sent me five flavors from their Evo line for free for review.

Get Halo Evo e-juice here: (affiliate link)


    Price: 10ml for $6.99, 30ml for 16.99

    Nicotine: 0, 3, 6, 12, 18, 24

The Flavors

All of my reviews are based on 6mg nicotine.

Tangerine Swirl

The product description said that this would taste like a creamsicle, but it doesn’t. It tastes like tangerines for sure though. They really got the tangerine flavor down.


This one is supposed to taste like key limes. It smells great but tastes like cleaning liquid to me. It has a strong artificial lime flavor. I didn’t like this one.


Halo says thy use tree-ripe Turkish apricot flavor to create this one. It smells and tastes just like the description. It’s a smooth flavor and tastes pretty good.

Summer Peach

This one is just a basic peach flavor. It tastes like a real peach. Not like one of those super-juicy peaches, but kind of like a firm, dry peach. The flavor is pretty smooth. I enjoyed this one.

Apple Pom Smoothie

They were going for a smoothie flavor here but it doesn’t really taste like a smoothie. You can tastes the granny smith apple here, but not so much the pomegranate. Something I noticed in this flavor later after having recorded the review is that they seem to be using a menthol flavor in here. I think it’s to mimic the apple flavor. I thought this flavor was okay, but if you don’t like menthol, you might not like this one.

The Bottom Line

I liked all of the flavors that I tried in the Evo line except for Limelight.

Halo is known for putting out quality e-juices, but I think the EVO e-juice line tastes more like a budget e-juice. The EVO e-juices are extremely basic flavors. I wouldn’t doubt if they were simply one or two flavorings mixed into PG and nicotine. The flavors are not complex by any means and I think they need some fine-tuning. In my opinion, the EVO line is overpriced.

Halo’s other lines get high praise, although I haven’t tried them so I wouldn’t know, but the EVO line might not be a good representation of the rest of their products.

E-Liquid Review: VapeWild’s Get Your Jollies – Jolly Rancher E-Juice


Who wouldn’t want a Jolly Rancher flavored e-juice? I absolutely had to order this one!

Jolly Ranchers are my favorite candy. I used to keep a bag of them at my desk at all times and I did this for years. I don’t eat them often anymore because I try to live a little healthier these days, but I still enjoy them from time to time. I picked up Get Your Jollies from VapeWild in 50vg/50pg, 6mg nicotine, and I also got the flavor boost option.

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