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innovapor-house-eliquid has a bunch of locations in the Denver Metro area, but one spot just recently opened up near me in Thornton, CO so I decided to check it out.

Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures of the location, but it’s a really clean shop and has plenty of space. They’ve got an arcade machine and a little lounge area too.

Their House Line is Pretty Damned Good

The main reason for this review is to talk about their house line, which I love. Their house e-liquids are only $6.99 for 15ml bottles. They also have a premium line, but I don’t remember the cost. Something like $12 each. I tried maybe 10 of their liquids and I liked every single one of them. The guy who helped me said they are made somewhere in Texas.

First, let me say that while I like their e-liquids, they aren’t at the same level as the top premium brands on the market. Their e-liquids are still great though and very affordable.

Jamaican Rum Tobacco

I could smell the rum in here, but I couldn’t really taste it when I vaped it. It tastes like sweet and unique tobacco. I really like this e-liquid. I don’t prefer it over my normal fruity/sweet vapes, but I imagine I’ll be throwing this one into my mix often. It’s a thin juice, so it’s probably high PG. It has almost no throat hit at 6mg nicotine and hits really smooth.

Kactus Kooler

I can’t remember if this is supposed to taste like Capri Sun or Sunny Delight. I suppose they are both pretty similar. Maybe it’s the power of suggestion, but I think it tastes a little like both of them, but mostly Capri Sun. It’s really fruity, but not overpowering. There is just a slight throat hit at 3mg nicotine, but hardly noticeable. This bottle will probably be gone quick.


I can’t remember the flavor profile of this one, but I think it tastes nearly identical to Ruthless E-Juice’s EZ Duz It which is a mixture of strawberry and watermelon. EZ Duz It is one of absolute favorite e-liquids of all time, so I’m very happy to have found Smurfberries. It’s awesome! It tastes great, there’s no throat hit, and it’s smooth. This bottle will not last me long at all.

I tried a bunch of other flavors in the store too. I tried butterscotch, vanilla tobacco, Orange Cream, a great custard (which I should have bought), and a few others. They were all good.

Check Them Out in Person or Online

They are great shop and the guy who helped me was extremely nice and helpful. I forgot his name, but I do know that he’s from Virginia and has lived in Colorado for three years 😉

If you live in Colorado, you should check these guys out. It seems like a great shop to hang out. Like any brick and mortar, they are a bit expensive when it comes to hardware ($84 for the Reuleaux RX200 and it was even on sale!), but that’s to be expected from a B&M shop.

They sell their house liquids online, so if you don’t live in Colorado, order a couple of bottles to see what you think.

Vape Giveaways From Around The Web


I don’t get a lot of vape gear sent to me for review, so a lot of the stuff I review is either purchased with my own money or I win it in a giveaway. I wouldn’t say that I win often, but I have won a few great prizes throughout this past year. See that image above? I won the Aromamizer tank from a giveaway that Metal Gear Vaper did. Subscribe to his channel!

Giveaways are a great way to get new gear but as you probably know, the odds of winning are low. The nice thing about vape giveaways is that there are a ton of them happening all the time, so the more you enter, the more you’re likely to win.

With that in mind, I want to help my readers win new gear so I’ve decided to start adding giveaways that aren’t my own to my vape giveaway page. I’ll also be adding tips on winning giveaways and a list of places where you can find more giveaways.

If you know of any giveaways that I haven’t listed, please send me an email and I’ll add it.

Good luck!

Vape Store Survey

As vaping becomes more and more commonplace and its days as a fringe trend come to an end, hundreds of thousands of people are starting to explore vape products, find their favorite e-liquids and accessories, and enjoy life as non-smoking vapers. Many have a favorite online source for supplies, but brick and mortar vape stores also hold a fond place in the hearts of the vaping community. Vape stores and vape bars are great places to try out new products and chat with other vapers.

Not too long ago MightySkins, a company that makes e-cigarette and vape wraps and has developed relationships with vape store owners around the country, asks some of those owners to tell them more about the business of selling vaping accessories and just who it is that’s buying them. They’ve shared some of the information they gathered in the graphic below. Check it out.

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E-juice Review: VapeWild’s Peanut Butter Cup E-Liquid


*If you’re a new VapeWild customer, order with my referral link so that I can earn points towards future orders.

I love Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups but my wife goes absolutely crazy for them. It’s probably her favorite candy ever, after Ferrero Rocher. She doesn’t vape (or smoke) but I picked up VapeWild’s Peanut Butter Cup E-Liquid mostly so that she could try it. I wanted to try it too of course. I ordered it in 9 mg nicotine and in a 65vg / 35pg ratio.

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My First RDA – Smok Caterpillar RDA Review

When I first got into advanced vaping back in January I knew I would eventually get into dripping and rebuildable atomizers. It took me about a month of research and watching videos before I felt ready to start building my own coils. Grimm Green was one of the first expert vapers that I started following on YouTube and as I was going through his older videos I came across his review of the Caterpillar RDA, which was what drove me to buying one.

Back in February, I bought an authentic Smoktech Caterpillar RDA from for $12.50.

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