Disgusting Photos On Packs of Cigarettes to Encourage Quitting

Isn’t it interesting how smokers will continue to smoke despite the warnings from their doctors, friends and family members? I think we’ve all seen disgusting photos of what smoking does to our lungs and yet we continue to smoke. You want to quit, but the addiction is too strong.

When you see those disgusting photos, it really makes you want to quit right? You don’t want that diseased black lung at the museum to be yours. It’s for this reason that the FDA wants to start placing disgusting photos on packs of cigarettes.

Yup, right on the pack.

This means every time a smoker pulls out that pack of cigarettes to grab a smoke, they get to see an image of a body, post-autopsy. Or a message saying “Smoking can kill you.”

Now that the FDA has more power to regulate the marketing of the tobacco industry, these are just a few of the plans the FDA has in store for “big tobacco.”

I hope these ideas come to fruition and happen soon. The sooner we can get people to quit smoking, the better.

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