Do You Think Menthols Are Healthier For You?

I read an article recently about the FDA claiming that marketing messages for menthol cigarettes imply that they are healthier. I’m not trying to stick up for tobacco companies here, but is that really true? I used to be a menthol smoker and I never felt like ads were designed to make me think they were better for me than regular cigarettes.

The claims are that menthol cigarettes are “refreshing” and “soothing.” The article also mentioned that the use of the color green implies “nature.” Do people really think this way? I really hate to think that anyone can’t see how unhealthy any type of tobacco is.

Did you know that smoking tobacco from a hookah is just as bad as smoking a cigarette? Many people think that because the smoke is filtered through water, it comes out cleaner and healthier. Not true. All forms of tobacco are bad and will eventually lead to your death. DON’T SMOKE!

If you want to read the full article that inspired this post, check out Menthol Cigarettes Marketed as ‘Healthier,’ FDA Panel Says.

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