My First Vaporizer: The Eleaf iStick and Nautilus Mini


I’ve been using electronic cigarettes for years, but I’ve only just discovered advanced vaporizers. I’ve been learning a lot about vaping over the last few weeks. I’m a tech geek, so I instantly became intrigued. So much so, that I decided to go ahead and buy my first vaporizer.

I did a lot of research online, mostly on the vaping subreddit, and everyone seems to recommend that beginners start with the Eleaf iStick battery and Nautilus Mini refillable tank, so that’s what I went with.

The cheapest deal I could find for the Eleaf iStick was at, which I got for $25. iSmoka, who created the iStick, has replaced the 20 watt version with a 30 watt version, so now’s the time to get a 20 watt battery at a sweet deal

I bought the e-liquid from

Check out the video to watch me set it up and try it for the first time.

I recorded the video yesterday, so I’ve only been using my new vaporizer for a day, but I’ve already learned how to get more vapor and smoother hits. One of my problems in the video was that I was taking lung hits. Instead, it seems to be better to take mouth hits and then inhale. I had also purchased very high nicotine e-juice, which determines the level of throat hit.

Hitting the vaporizer is much different than the electronic cigarettes I’m used to. E-cigs tend to require a much bigger inhale in order to get a satisfying hit, so I’ve always taken big lung hits. That’s not necessary with the iStick. It’s so much more powerful. I’m really digging it!

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    • It’s a great setup. I actually gave my 20w to my brother after I bought the 50w version, but it still works great. I kinda miss it!


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