Menthol Smokers Have a Harder Time Quitting

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Statistics show that about half of all teenage smokers and 80% of African-American smokers smoke menthol cigarettes. While it’s only about 25% of all smokers, that’s still an enormous amount of people. Studies have shown that smokers who smoke menthol cigarettes may possibly have a harder time quitting smoking than other smokers. Research seems to suggest that there are several reasons.

  • Increased nicotine intake due to economic worries
  • Menthol activates cold-sensitive neurons in the nervous system
  • Cooling sensation makes smoke easier to inhale

All of these factors combined are likely to lead to heavier addictions. With the economy in the terrible position it’s in today, people are smoking less cigarettes per day, but are inhaling more heavily, taking in more of the toxic chemicals of the cigarette.

Another reason smokers find menthols more appealing is that it activates cold-sensitive neurons in the nervous system, which makes the cigarettes much more desirable to those who smoke them.

The cooling sensation of menthols also makes the smoke from tobacco easier to inhale, which in turn causes the smoker to take larger inhalations, again, increasing the addiction.

This topic is quite interesting to me because I was a menthol smoker. I haven’t smoked since August, almost 5 months now, so after hearing about this I’m happy to know that despite the heaviness of my tobacco addictions, my electronic cigarettes have been doing the job. Quitting is one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself.

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