Review of NJOY’s Convenience Vaping System and the NJOY Daily

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    NJOY reached out to me a few weeks ago about doing a product review for a couple of NJOYs new products, the Daily and the Convenience Vaping System. These are both targeted towards people who are new to vaping. Normally I would turn down a review for something like this, but in the email to me, the marketing person with NJOY said something in her email that convinced me to do it.

    She said:

    I understand that you are beyond disposable products, but our goal is to get as many people into vaping at whatever level and we feel like these new products are a major step up in the market and a true test for us is seeing how more serious vapors react and if they think it’s a big improvement from the original e-cig days.

    That’s such a great mission!

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  • SMOK X Cube II Review sent me the SMOK X Cube II for the purpose of doing a review.

    It’s a 160 watt, temperature control device that supports nickel, titanium, and stainless steel coils.

    It has Bluetooth capability so that it can connect to your phone. It has a large and easy-to-use firing bar. It has a magnetic battery door cover. The firing bar lights up with any color you want. And has tons of advanced features.

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    E-Liquid Review: Castle Long by Five Pawns


    Like I mentioned in my review of Cosmic Fog’s Milk and Honey, Rolling Papers Express sent me two e-liquids to review. This is the second one.

    When I was deciding on the flavors I wanted to try, I was looking for something truly unique. I was tempted to go with something that I was sure I would like, like a sweet dessert or candy flavor, but I thought it would be more interesting to try something different. After some research online, Castle Long from Five Pawns looked like the answer.

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    E-liquid Review: Milk and Honey E-juice from Cosmic Fog


    I was contacted by Rolling Papers Express to see if I would be interested in reviewing their store and a couple of e-juices. I checked out the site to see if they were legit and they are so I gladly accepted the offer.

    I picked out two e-liquids; Cosmic Fog’s “Milk and Honey” and Five Pawns “Castle Long.” This review will focus on Milk and Honey.

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    Hardware Review: The Veritas RDA Clone


    When I first became interested in RDA’s, the Veritas kept coming up in discussions as one of the best RDAs on the market, especially for people interested in flavor, like myself.

    The biggest drawback though is that it’s generally considered to be difficult to build on. Despite the warnings and despite the fact that I was a total noob with rebuildable atomizers, I picked up a clone of the Veritas anyway.

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