Is Smoking a Sacrifice Or Is It All In Your Head?

One of the biggest reasons smokers return to smoking shortly after quitting is because they feel like they’re sacrificing something. If you’re trying to quit and you get it into your head that quitting is a sacrifice, the whole ordeal will feel like a punishment.

These feelings will never allow you to quit smoking permanently and you must understand that this type of thinking is wrong. It’s the addiction of tobacco that puts these thoughts in your mind. Once you allow yourself to recognize the grip that cigarette addiction has on your thoughts, the sooner you’ll be able to quit for good.

It’s a real sacrifice to continue to smoke.

You sacrifice relationships.

You sacrifice job opportunities.

You sacrifice athleticism.

You sacrifice money and time.

You risk your health and the health of those around you.

Become dedicated to quitting and relieve yourself of the punishment smoking brings on your life.

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Disgusting Photos On Packs of Cigarettes to Encourage Quitting

Isn’t it interesting how smokers will continue to smoke despite the warnings from their doctors, friends and family members? I think we’ve all seen disgusting photos of what smoking does to our lungs and yet we continue to smoke. You want to quit, but the addiction is too strong.

When you see those disgusting photos, it really makes you want to quit right? You don’t want that diseased black lung at the museum to be yours. It’s for this reason that the FDA wants to start placing disgusting photos on packs of cigarettes.

Yup, right on the pack.

This means every time a smoker pulls out that pack of cigarettes to grab a smoke, they get to see an image of a body, post-autopsy. Or a message saying “Smoking can kill you.”

Now that the FDA has more power to regulate the marketing of the tobacco industry, these are just a few of the plans the FDA has in store for “big tobacco.”

I hope these ideas come to fruition and happen soon. The sooner we can get people to quit smoking, the better.

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Weight Gain From Quitting Smoking Is Minimal

One of the reasons people are discouraged from smoking is because they are afraid of gaining weight. My mother was one of those people. On several occasions she had tried to quit and when she saw the weight start to add up, she immediately started smoking again.

Well there’s good news to anyone who’s had this problem before. Research has shown that the average amount of weight gain after quitting is only about 10 lbs.

Sure, when you reach that 10lb mark or maybe even 15 lbs, you start to worry. Don’t let that deter you. The weight gain will plateau and you’ll be a non-smoker soon.

What’s worse, gaining a few pounds, or adding 10 or more healthy years to your life? Buy an electronic cigarette from South Beach Smoke as an alternative to smoking.

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An Electronic Cigarette Is the Perfect Gift For Fathers Day

Fathers Day is celebrated on different days around the world, but if you’re in the United States, it’s the third Sunday of June.

What better way to say I love you than by giving Dad an electronic cigarette or vaporizer?

Electronic cigarettes have not been proven to help people quit smoking, but they worked for me and thousands of other people around the world.

Did you know that quitting smoking can add 10 years to someone’s life? Quitting can quickly reduce blood pressure and increase lung capacity. The inflammation in the body caused by the poisons inhaled from cigarettes dissipate within only weeks of quitting.

Give your father an electronic cigarette as an alternative to smoking and show him how important it is to have him in your life.

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Get one for your Mother too, if she smokes, so that they can support each other and share in the experience together.

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South Beach Smoke is Now in The Hands Of Celebrities

I always hear about those gift bags that celebrities receive when they go to awards shows, you know, the ones filled with iPads, Rolex watches and other things we all wish we could afford?

Well, South Beach Smoke has definitely proved that they are now a part of the elite, because at the recent MTV movie awards, their electronic cigarettes were packaged in the gift baskets with all of those other awesome gadgets.

The difference here is that South Beach Smoke’s electronic cigarettes are actually affordable to all of us. I own one and I’m far from rich.

I think this is a testament to the quality of the South Beach Smoke brand. They obviously feel that it’s worth putting into the hands of scrutinizing celebrities, and I agree with them.

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