How Much Money Do You Waste by Smoking?

How much money are you wasting every day by smoking cigarettes? According to this “cost of smoking calculator” from the American Cancer Society, you could save anywhere from $16,000 to $36,000 per 10 years. With cigarettes costing anywhere from $5 to $10 or more per pack, it’s just not worth it.

And when you consider the likelihood of medical expenses further down the road for disease and other conditions caused by smoking, those numbers go way up.

If you quit now, your bank account could be $36k larger in 10 years. You could buy a new car with that money. Or you could continue smoking and end up with lung cancer or some other smoking-related disease.

10 years goes by faster than you might expect. And on your 10 year anniversary of quitting smoking you won’t believe how much better you feel and how fast those ten years flew by. You’ll also be adding many more years to your life which will give you more time to save even more money!

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Smoking a Hookah Might Feel Mild, But It’s Actually Worse Than Smoking Cigarettes

A recent study from the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center shows that hookah smoking is becoming increasingly popular among young adults. Erin L. Suftin, Ph.D of the Department of Social Sciences and Healthy Policy says

Unfortunately, many young adults are misinformed about the safety of hookah smoking and some mistakenly believe it to be safer than cigarette smoking.

I own two hookahs, which I purchased only a few months before deciding to quit smoking. I was actually one of those people who thought that a hookah filtered out most of the toxins and made smoking healthier, but after using it a few times and waking up with an extremely sore throat and chest, I decided to do some research.

It turns out that not only is using a hookah no healthier than smoking a cigarette, it’s actually worse, because most hookah smokers will casually smoke for as long as 30 minutes to an hour or longer. And because the smoke feels mild, most people will take much deeper and longer drags. That’s a ton of toxins going into your body.

Needless to say, I haven’t smoked my hookahs since I’ve quit smoking, but to be completely honest, I do plan to use them in the future with friends. I had a lot of fun using my hookahs, but I’ll probably only use them maybe a one or two times per year from now on.

I’ll also be switching to nicotine-free, tobacco-free shisha. Burning anything and inhaling it introduces toxins into the body, but at the very least I would like to prevent the addiction of nicotine from coming back.

If you’d like to read more about the study check out “Hookah use widespread among college students; Study reveals mistaken perception of safety in potential gateway drug.” There are tons of interesting facts about smoking a hookah in this report.

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The QuitNet Community Will Help You Quit Smoking

Need help quitting? There’s nothing more motivating than joining a community of like-minded people with the same goal as you. You can sign up for a free account at, get helpful advice and gain access to tools and resources to keep you motivated.

I only smoked about 4-5 cigarettes per day before I decided to quit. Using the tool during the registration process showed me that by quitting, I’m now saving about $438 per year and I’m adding 11 days and 3 hours to my life each year as well. It all adds up!

Quitting smoking is hard. Even if you don’t think you need help, you should join The resources will keep you motivated and the tracking tools will help hold you accountable so that you don’t want to smoke.

Do You Think Menthols Are Healthier For You?

I read an article recently about the FDA claiming that marketing messages for menthol cigarettes imply that they are healthier. I’m not trying to stick up for tobacco companies here, but is that really true? I used to be a menthol smoker and I never felt like ads were designed to make me think they were better for me than regular cigarettes.

The claims are that menthol cigarettes are “refreshing” and “soothing.” The article also mentioned that the use of the color green implies “nature.” Do people really think this way? I really hate to think that anyone can’t see how unhealthy any type of tobacco is.

Did you know that smoking tobacco from a hookah is just as bad as smoking a cigarette? Many people think that because the smoke is filtered through water, it comes out cleaner and healthier. Not true. All forms of tobacco are bad and will eventually lead to your death. DON’T SMOKE!

If you want to read the full article that inspired this post, check out Menthol Cigarettes Marketed as ‘Healthier,’ FDA Panel Says.

Electronic Cigarette Cig-a-Like Battery Life Observations

I haven’t smoked since August (7 months ago), but I wrote this post when I first started using an electronic cigarette and I forgot to publish it. I thought it would be good information for anyone who is using a “cig-a-like” e-cig, so I decided I’d put the post up today.

I fully charged my electronic cigarette 5 days ago and haven’t used it until today. Since I was drinking with some friends, I knew I would need my e-cig to keep me from smoking a regular cigarette. Sadly that didn’t happen, because the battery only lasted for about three smoke sessions. I was also sharing with friends so it quickly drained what was left of the battery.

I’ve smoked my electric cigarette several times on a full charge and I haven’t had any problems at all so far. I’ve been able to smoke to my heart’s content. But it seems that leaving the cartridge attached to the battery for a week, even on a full charge and without smoking it at all, drains the battery.

So just a little tip for you – if you want to conserve the battery, detach it from the cartridge after every smoke. This is especially important if you only have one battery and the electronic cigarette is the only barrier stopping you from smoking a real cigarette.

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