E-Liquid Review: White Gummy Bear E-Juice from Bombies


First a warning, which comes directly from Bombies website: “This may crack your plastic tank! We recommend using pyrex glass tanks or drippers.”

I won a giveaway on Reddit from VapeCentric.com back in March 2015 (yes, this review is way past due) and I decided to go with White Gummy B from Bombies because everyone was talking about it at the time. It only comes in max VG and I went with 6mg nicotine.

Product Specs:

Product Description – White Gummy B delivers a sweet pineapple vape with a delicate gummy candy finish.

$8.99, 15ml bottle

Sizes: 7ml, 15ml, 30ml, 50ml, 120ml, 500ml

Nicotine Strengths Offered: 0 mg, 1.5 mg, 3 mg, 6 mg, 12 mg, 18 mg, 24 mg


It smells just like gummy bears. Just smelling this juice gave me such bad candy cravings.


I put White Gummy B in my Nautilus Mini tank and vaped it at 1.8ohms and 10 watts. I could immediately identify the flavor. It tastes exactly like white gummy bears.

I actually bought a bag of gummy bears a day after I first tried it to compare the flavor and it tastes exactly like the white gummy bear. It doesn’t tastes like any of the other flavors though. I recorded a video of me taste testing, but I misplaced the video and couldn’t find it to add to my review.

I hate to say it but I got tired of the flavor after vaping it for a couple of days straight. The flavor stayed strong that whole time though.

What Other People Are Saying:

All of the reviews I found online agree that it tastes good and it tastes exactly like white gummy bears.

Would I Buy It Again?

Maybe. The flavor is right on the mark, but I got tired of the sweetness. If I’m ever craving a gummy bear e-juice, yes I’d buy it again, but I just don’t know if I’ll ever have such a craving. But if you’re a big fan of white gummy bears, I think you’ll like this one a lot and I would highly recommend it.

X Cube II TC Updates Are Now Free


If you bought the X Cube II, you know the upgrades for temperature control support for titanium wire costs $0.50 and stainless steel costs $0.99. I guess SMOK realized how ridiculous it was not to just include this with the device, or maybe they didn’t make any money from it, but they’ve decided to make these upgrades free from now on. Sweet!

If you already purchased the upgrade, SMOK will give you a $5 coupon to use for anything on their site, but you have to use it before March 31, 2016.

You can find more details on their website.

I’ve already updated mine. Now if only they will release an update that removes the 1-2 second delay to fire the device. That would make the X Cube II just about perfect.

Inno-Vapor.com and Their Great House E-Liquids


Inno-Vapor.com has a bunch of locations in the Denver Metro area, but one spot just recently opened up near me in Thornton, CO so I decided to check it out.

Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures of the location, but it’s a really clean shop and has plenty of space. They’ve got an arcade machine and a little lounge area too.

Their House Line is Pretty Damned Good

The main reason for this review is to talk about their house line, which I love. Their house e-liquids are only $6.99 for 15ml bottles. They also have a premium line, but I don’t remember the cost. Something like $12 each. I tried maybe 10 of their liquids and I liked every single one of them. The guy who helped me said they are made somewhere in Texas.

First, let me say that while I like their e-liquids, they aren’t at the same level as the top premium brands on the market. Their e-liquids are still great though and very affordable.

Jamaican Rum Tobacco

I could smell the rum in here, but I couldn’t really taste it when I vaped it. It tastes like sweet and unique tobacco. I really like this e-liquid. I don’t prefer it over my normal fruity/sweet vapes, but I imagine I’ll be throwing this one into my mix often. It’s a thin juice, so it’s probably high PG. It has almost no throat hit at 6mg nicotine and hits really smooth.

Kactus Kooler

I can’t remember if this is supposed to taste like Capri Sun or Sunny Delight. I suppose they are both pretty similar. Maybe it’s the power of suggestion, but I think it tastes a little like both of them, but mostly Capri Sun. It’s really fruity, but not overpowering. There is just a slight throat hit at 3mg nicotine, but hardly noticeable. This bottle will probably be gone quick.


I can’t remember the flavor profile of this one, but I think it tastes nearly identical to Ruthless E-Juice’s EZ Duz It which is a mixture of strawberry and watermelon. EZ Duz It is one of absolute favorite e-liquids of all time, so I’m very happy to have found Smurfberries. It’s awesome! It tastes great, there’s no throat hit, and it’s smooth. This bottle will not last me long at all.

I tried a bunch of other flavors in the store too. I tried butterscotch, vanilla tobacco, Orange Cream, a great custard (which I should have bought), and a few others. They were all good.

Check Them Out in Person or Online

They are great shop and the guy who helped me was extremely nice and helpful. I forgot his name, but I do know that he’s from Virginia and has lived in Colorado for three years 😉

If you live in Colorado, you should check these guys out. It seems like a great shop to hang out. Like any brick and mortar, they are a bit expensive when it comes to hardware ($84 for the Reuleaux RX200 and it was even on sale!), but that’s to be expected from a B&M shop.

They sell their house liquids online, so if you don’t live in Colorado, order a couple of bottles to see what you think.

Coil Master DIY Kit V2 Review

Coil Master sent me the Coil Master DIY Kit V2 for the purpose of review.

Before I received this DIY kit, all of my coil building tools were thrown into a little drawer that I keep next to my desk. It’s kind of like the junk drawer that most people have in their kitchen. I try to keep it organized, but it continues to get messier as I take supplies in and out of it.

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Aspire Proteus E-Hookah Vaporizer Review

I’ve been wanting to buy an electronic hookah head for several months now, ever since learning that they exist. They’re so expensive though and I just wasn’t sure how well they would work. Not to mention that even if I did buy one, I would only be using my hookah on the rare occasions when I have friends over. For those reasons, I couldn’t justify paying $100 or more.

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