Study Shows That Smoking-Cessation Drugs Cause Extreme Depression

Sometimes the desire to quit smoking is so strong that we consider any and all methods of quitting. I’ve tried many times to quit cold-turkey and once with nicotine gum. I’ve never used the patch. The method that worked for me was using an electronic cigarette. There’s also another method that many people use, and that’s prescription drugs.

Chantix is the brand name for the drug Varenicline. Lots of people have used Chantix successfully to quit smoking, but according to a recent study, the drug should not be used as a first choice. According to researchers, Chantix has shown that use can substantially increase the risk of depression and suicidal behavior.

The study found that from 1999 to 2011, 90 percent of reported suicide-related behavior related to smoking-cessation devices were connected to Chantix, and Chantix has only been available to the public during four years of the study. That is an extremely high rate.

The researchers claim that based on these results, the benefits of using Chantix outweigh the risks.

With numbers that staggeringly high, you should consider trying other methods to quit smoking first. Have you tried using an electronic cigarette yet? It’s not FDA approved as a smoking cessation device but it worked for me. By slowly weening myself from tobacco, I was able to kick the habit once and for all.

* image courtesy of Harveyben

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