Smoking On Television and in Movies Should Be Banned


You know when you see someone smoking a cigarette on TV and it looks so relaxing that it makes you absolutely crave a smoke? I don’t get that feeling anymore. I’ve been clean from cigarettes for more than a month and my desire to smoke a real cigarette is almost nonexistent.

Every time a Bruce Willis or Mickey Rourke movie would come on TV (which are the types of movies I tend to watch), I’d have an incredible urge to smoke a cigarette. While I enjoyed my tobacco, I didn’t enjoy it as much as the TV would make cigarettes look. Now when I see someone smoking, in real life or TV, I think of all the bad things that come with smoking.

I remember what it’s like to have nasty breath, dry eyes from all the smoke in the room, and even a slight headache from depriving my body of oxygen.

Why did I ever smoke? Oh yeah, that’s right – because cigarettes are one of the most addictive drugs ever. I didn’t want to smoke, but the addiction made me believe I didn’t want to quit either.

I strongly believe that if I never gave an electronic cigarette a chance, I would be destined to an early grave. I was almost positive that I would suffer from a tobacco-related sickness or disease later in life, most likely lung cancer. That’s why I committed myself to quitting.

Did you know that dying from lung cancer is just like drowning? I don’t want to go out that way!

* image provided courtesy of Raymond Shobe via Flickr

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