Weight Gain From Quitting Smoking Is Minimal

One of the reasons people are discouraged from smoking is because they are afraid of gaining weight. My mother was one of those people. On several occasions she had tried to quit and when she saw the weight start to add up, she immediately started smoking again.

Well there’s good news to anyone who’s had this problem before. Research has shown that the average amount of weight gain after quitting is only about 10 lbs.

Sure, when you reach that 10lb mark or maybe even 15 lbs, you start to worry. Don’t let that deter you. The weight gain will plateau and you’ll be a non-smoker soon.

What’s worse, gaining a few pounds, or adding 10 or more healthy years to your life? Buy an electronic cigarette from South Beach Smoke as an alternative to smoking.

* image courtesy of elisfanclub

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