Vaping Resources

This is a list of my favorites vaping websites and my recommended vape resources.

If you have a useful resource that you would like to add, send me an email. Keep in mind that I’m not going to list some random vape store for no reason at all.

Vape News

The Ashtray Blog

One of the oldest vaping blogs online. They’ve been chronicling quitting smoking and vaping since 2008, and their posts include the first ever interview with the inventor of the electronic cigarette.

Vaping360 has become one of the largest and most well-known publishers of vape news. They put out a constant barrage of news all day, every day. They also do regular giveaways.

Vape Forums

Vaping Multireddit

There are a bunch of great vaping subreddits on Reddit. Too many to name. Which is why I created this multireddit with all of the better vape-related subreddits (32 subreddits currently). But if you’re looking for a few standouts, check out DIY-eJuice, /r/Electronic_Cigarette, and /r/Vaping. I’ve found that Reddit is the best place to get advice no matter what your experience level is.

E-Cigarette Forum

ECF is one of the largest and oldest e-cigarette forums online. You can usually find what you’re looking for here if you have a question. The one drawback is that it’s heavily (and I mean HEAVILY) moderated. The moderators here will not allow anyone to say anything bad about vaping, no matter if it’s true or not. Still, it’s a good forum if you have questions. You can expect to get many answers from knowledgeable experts.

Vaping Underground

Vaping Underground is a very popular forum with a lot of user activity and is much more relaxed than ECF. This is where vapers go when they tire of the heavy moderation at ECF. It’s a great forum as well, but it’s also susceptible to a lot of “noise” (useless content, spam, etc.) due to the high amount of traffic they get.

DIY Vaping

e-Liquid Recipes

This site has the largest database of free user-submitted recipes on the internet. You can filter by flavors, ratings, and date submitted. They also have a forum, a flavor stash to track the ingredients you own, a DIY calculator, and a constantly updated flavor warning list to notify users of questionable ingredients.

Crazy DIY E-Liquid Machine

This is a great fun resource for creating random e-juice recipes. It might be good or might be bad! Or it might be a good way to hone your DIY skills by taking a random mix and seeing if you can make it better.

Vape Podcasts

The VapePassion Show

Of course I have to mention my own podcast! Go check it out! I talk about the latest news in the industry, recent scientific research, new products, and other vape related stuff.

Culture of Clouds

This podcast is hosted by two of the biggest influencers in the vape space; Grimm Green and Ruby Roo. It’s a great show that covers a lot of topics.

Other Useful Resources has the largest database of e-juice reviews anywhere. They are all user-submitted reviews, which means that you can trust that they are honest. Submitting reviews keeps this site alive and useful so head over there and submit your own if you can.

Vape Crawler

Vape Crawler is a search engine for locating the lowest prices. This is one of the first places I go before I buy something. Keep in mind that they don’t’ always have the lowest price though. They make money by referring customers to their affiliate partners. If a business isn’t running an affiliate program, they won’t show up on this website.

Vaper City

Vaper City is another price comparison site like Vape Crawler, but with video reviews, specs, and most importantly, shipping costs and delivery times labeled for each vendor. They search over 30 popular online vendors daily and have a pretty accurate database. They also have community ratings that anyone can use to help other vapers find the best products. If you want to get the lowest prices and fastest delivery, you should stop by Vaper City before you buy.

Mooch’s Recommended Batteries

Don’t trust the wraps on your batteries. They probably aren’t accurate. Mooch tests batteries for a living and has all of the professional equipment needed to do it. When he started vaping, he noticed that there was a lot of misinformation being spread about batteries so he set out to test the batteries we use for vaping in his spare time. This resource shows his recommended batteries based on his tests. He keeps the list updated regularly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is SMOK pronounced Smoke or Smock?

One of the silliest controversies in the vape community, but this one causes drama all the time and has been for years. If you look at the history of the company, you’ll learn that they are formerly known as Smoktech, pronounced as smoke, which they have said many times publicly. People started calling them “smock” after the community felt like vaping shouldn’t be called smoking. Smok has since said that people can call them whatever they want, so it really doesn’t matter. But technically, they are pronounced as “smoke”. Matt Culley and Phil Busardo confirm it here (start at 57:04).