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South Park Makes Fun of Vaping

I’m sure by now that you’ve heard that South Park has tackled the issue of vaping recently in episode four of season 22, which aired a couple of weeks ago. If you want to watch it, it’s titled “Tegridy Farms” and you can watch it for free on the official website.

If you haven’t watched it yet, you might want to do that first because I’m probably gonna ruin it for you.

So it goes like this.

Randy Marsh finds out that kids at the school are vaping and he gets so upset about the direction society is moving that he decides to uproot the family and build a farm out in the country. Being that they live in Colorado, of course, it’s a weed farm, which he names “Tegridy Farms”, which is country-talk for Integrity.

So vaping continues to grow back at the school. Everyone from the kindergartners and older is doing it and it turns out that Cartman and Butters are the suppliers. And their supplier is your stereotypical vape douche bag – now get this, and this is pretty funny and it might be a crazy coincidence, but I don’t think it is. So this stereotypical vape douche bag looks exactly like Vapor Joe, complete with black clothes, do-rag, tattoos, and a mech mod hanging from a chain necklace.

I don’t mean to say that people with these characteristics are vape douchebags, that’s just what Vapor Joe is wearing in one of his most popular images. It’s also the first image that shows up in Google when you search for “vape douche” so I’m betting that’s what the writers searched for when putting this episode together.

If you don’t know who Vapor Joe is, he runs a popular deal site; and he created the popular vape forum He’s been around for a long time and does live shows every week. He’s basically the vape industries biggest affiliate marketer.

Now back to “Tegridy Farms”. Randy’s farm is doing so well that in just four days, Big Vape wants to buy him out. Randy is interested in the deal until he sees this Big Vape executive using a vape, which Randy calls a “pussy stick” and continues to call it that for the rest of the show. This starts a war and Big Vape buys out Randy’s farming neighbors. Randy retaliates by heading to the vape shop in the city on his tractor where he kicks everyone’s ass and blows it up.

They mixed in a little bit of vape culture and weed culture into this one. There were some parts in there too where Cartman would look at the camera and say things like “Did you know that vaping is much safer than smoking” – taking a dig at vape advocates I think. I’ve already seen that some vapers are upset at the show for the way that vaping was portrayed, but I actually thought it was pretty funny.

Have any of you seen it? And if you have, what do you think?

Switching from Smoking to Vaping with the Help of Stoptober

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Smoking is clearly harmful to health, and smokers will agree that quitting is easier said than done. Luckily, there are now lots of ways to quit smoking; two of the best ones being Stoptober and vaping, combining these two as the vaping industry has done, into Vapetober.

Read on to learn more about Stoptober, Vapetober, and how it might help you to in your smoking cessation efforts.

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How to Summon the Vape God

I came across this very random video from a group of video creators on YouTube called Corridor Crew. These guys aren’t vapers (as far as I know), but rather, a production studio that creates fun videos on a bunch of different topics. In this case, they created a weird story about vaping.

This video was actually released in 2016, so it isn’t new, but I’ve never seen it and I thought some of you might find it fun too.

Behind the Scenes

The first video they released is called “I Am Become Vape”, which is a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of the video. They discuss the thought process behind the story, how they designed their props, how they record all of their video angles, and some great technical tips on video editing, including adding special effects. This is really cool stuff to me because my first college degree was in 3d-modeling and multimedia, so I thought it was fun.

The Finished Video

If you don’t care about the behind-the-scenes, skip straight to the final video, which is called Vape God. Here’s the basic story; four guys grab their vapes and head out to the alley where they form a circle. They take huge hits and blow it all into the middle of the circle, where they summon a superhuman vapor who floats on his cloud of vapor. One of the guys sneaks a hit from this guy’s super-powered vape and ends up dissipating into thin air and the superhero has to vape his way into another dimension; where the all-powerful vape god lives. The one-true vape god gives him the ultimate box mod, which he then uses to bring the guy back from wherever it was he went.

Why Does The Vape Community Hate Weed Smokers?


I recently published a review of the E-Clipse Dry Herb Vaporizer (awesome device and big thanks to for sending that over for review!). Unfortunately, I had to take the video down since YouTube is now shutting down channels with weed reviews, but I just recently got it up on Vimeo if you want to watch it!

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Let’s Talk History: What Is RY4 E-Juice


If you don’t know what Ry4 is, it’s a tobacco, vanilla, and caramel blend. It’s an old-school flavor but it’s still around, it’s just not really mentioned much anymore. But it used to be really popular!

It’s not really a tobacco flavor, it just has a hint of tobacco to it. Some variations are sweet and some aren’t. Some have more vanilla than others and some have more caramel.

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