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How to Summon the Vape God

I came across this very random video from a group of video creators on YouTube called Corridor Crew. These guys aren’t vapers (as far as I know), but rather, a production studio that creates fun videos on a bunch of different topics. In this case, they created a weird story about vaping.

This video was actually released in 2016, so it isn’t new, but I’ve never seen it and I thought some of you might find it fun too.

Behind the Scenes

The first video they released is called “I Am Become Vape”, which is a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of the video. They discuss the thought process behind the story, how they designed their props, how they record all of their video angles, and some great technical tips on video editing, including adding special effects. This is really cool stuff to me because my first college degree was in 3d-modeling and multimedia, so I thought it was fun.

The Finished Video

If you don’t care about the behind-the-scenes, skip straight to the final video, which is called Vape God. Here’s the basic story; four guys grab their vapes and head out to the alley where they form a circle. They take huge hits and blow it all into the middle of the circle, where they summon a superhuman vapor who floats on his cloud of vapor. One of the guys sneaks a hit from this guy’s super-powered vape and ends up dissipating into thin air and the superhero has to vape his way into another dimension; where the all-powerful vape god lives. The one-true vape god gives him the ultimate box mod, which he then uses to bring the guy back from wherever it was he went.

Why Does The Vape Community Hate Weed Smokers?


I recently published a review of the E-Clipse Dry Herb Vaporizer (awesome device and big thanks to for sending that over for review!). Unfortunately, I had to take the video down since YouTube is now shutting down channels with weed reviews, but I just recently got it up on Vimeo if you want to watch it!

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Let’s Talk History: What Is RY4 E-Juice


If you don’t know what Ry4 is, it’s a tobacco, vanilla, and caramel blend. It’s an old-school flavor but it’s still around, it’s just not really mentioned much anymore. But it used to be really popular!

It’s not really a tobacco flavor, it just has a hint of tobacco to it. Some variations are sweet and some aren’t. Some have more vanilla than others and some have more caramel.

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Is Juul’s Strategy To Combat Underage Use Good For the Industry?

You might have noticed lately that the vape company, Juul, has been under a massive attack from just about every media organization in the U.S., big or small. Small local news stations are picking up the stories and big publishers like NYTimes are joining in too.

The main concern that all of these publications are reporting is that “juuling” is becoming an epidemic among teens. They’re making claims that vaping is exposing teens to harmful chemicals like formaldehyde and that vaping can eventually lead teens to addiction and into moving towards smoking. There is already plenty of research (see here, and here, and here, and here) showing that both of those claims aren’t true, but it’s not stopping journalists from saying it.

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