SEO for Vape Stores

I have been doing professional digital marketing for more than 18 years and I have been working in the vape space for 8 years. If you need help with your SEO, reach out to see if it makes sense to work together. Services start at $125 per hour.

Here’s how I can help:

  • Site Audits and Strategy
  • Keyword Research
  • Article Writing
  • Product Page Content Writing
  • Marketing Copy
  • Local SEO
  • Influencer Outreach
  • Website Optimization
  • Technical SEO
  • Website Migrations
  • User Manual Translation (to English)
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Analytics and Data Analsis

Why SEO for Vape Shops is Important

The vape industry moves fast and it’s difficult to get noticed. Most of the vape stores I’ve worked with are poorly optimized, if at all. There’s a big opportunity to get ahead of competitors with an optimized website.

The vape industry is also highly regulated, making it nearly impossible to use paid advertising on platforms such as Google Ads. This makes SEO even more important.

By improving your website copy to meet customer needs, you’ll also improve your ability to rank well. By researching what customers are looking for, you can use that data to improve the content of your website.

Technical SEO is one of the biggest gaps in vape store marketing. Many sites are built with out-of-the-box templates and are not properly set up for SEO or conversions.

Local SEO

If you have a brick-and-mortar store, you have a great opportunity to optimize for your local area. I can help you optimize your Google My Business listing and your website to rank better in your city and nearby areas.

Why Work With Me?

I have in-depth expertise in vaping. I know what customers are looking for and I have the technical expertise to talk about it. I’m contacted by vape SEO companies all the time with pitches that display their inexperience in the industry. Those people get ignored.

Most vape SEO companies take a broad approach to vape store marketing, but that doesn’t work when you’re competing against an industry where new products are released every day. I’m able to take a broad approach AND and niche market approach to help your business make more sales.

What I Can’t Help With

I don’t offer PR or link building services. My expertise is in technical SEO and content marketing. I can help you acquire some links, but not at scale. While I don’t offer link building, I do have experience with influencer outreach and I can help you get your products in the hands of influencers who can make a difference.