Review of the Geekvape Z MTL Tank

The Geekvape Z MTL tank was sent to me for review from Geekvape (check it out here). This is a mouth-to-lung tank that uses Geekvape’s new line of A-series pre-built coil heads. Specs Mouth to Lung (MTL) tight draw 2ml liquid capacity Colors: Gunmetal, Stainless Steel, Black, Blue, Gold, and Rainbow $30 from In … Read more

Vaporesso VM Solo 22 Review

The VM Solo 22 was sent to me for review from This is a 22mm all-in-one kit with an integrated tank designed for restricted-draw vaping. The VM uses Vaporesso’s popular OMNI chipset, so I would expect it to work well. Design The design is really nice. I’m partial to the silver model because it … Read more

Vaporesso VM Stick 18 Review

The VM Stick 18 was sent to me from Vaporesso. This is a super skinny little stick device designed mostly for beginners but is also great for anybody who wants something small and discreet. Design This is a small little stick-styled vape device. There’s really nothing else to it. It has a nice finish, … Read more

MyBlu Pod Vape Review

This was sent to me from Blu for the purpose of this review. Check it out here.

If you’ve been vaping for a while, you might remember one of the first pod systems that helped to kick-start the pod system craze, the My Von Earl, which came out in 2016. It was extremely popular and everyone seemed to love it. In 2017, Fontem Ventures, the owners of the Blu brand and also the vaping company that’s owned by Imperial Tobacco, partnered with My Von Erl. I don’t know what’s been going on in those two years, but it looks like the end result of that partnership is the MyBlu.

I never actually bought a My Von Erl, even though they were really popular. I actually bought a Cync by Vape Forward and the Wismec MyJet, which both just came out at that time too and I hated both of them so much that I gave up on pod systems. I thought it was a fad that was going to die fast. But then pod systems got way better. And now I wish I could have tried a My Von Erl.

But here I am with the MyBlu, so let’s talk about it.

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Augvape Merlin Nano MTL RTA Review

The Merlin Nano MTL RTA was sent to me for review directly from Augvape. Hot on the heels of the popularity of nicotine salts, low-wattage, and tight draw vaping, the Merlin Nano MTL is a rebuildable mouth-to-lung vape. I’m a huge fan of rebuildable MTL atomizers, so I’ve been really excited to share this one.

Here are some places you can get it:

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EXvape Expromizer V4 RTA Review

The Expromizer V4 was sent to me for review from You can get it here (affiliate). This is a tight-draw tank from EXvape and it’s designed in Germany and made in China.

I’ve never used any of the previous versions of the Expromizer, but I did watch Todd’s Reviews take on the V3 just to get an idea of what might have changed. The V3 had bottom airflow, a lot of parts, a juice flow control, and 4ml extension parts. Nothing bad, but definitely more complicated than your average tank. The V3 was able to do restricted lung hits, so it had quite a bit of airflow. Todd was also vaping it around 26 watts. The max coil size was about 2.5mm inner diameter, and maybe 3mm with a basic round wire build. The juice flow control wasn’t visible from the windows, which was poorly thought out, but other than that it was machined very well. He said the flavor was very good too. One of Todd’s complaints on the V3 was that the airflow hole beneath the coil was too big at 2.6mm diameter. He said it still worked well, but he felt that the draw would be better with a smaller airflow hole under the coil.

Ok, so we know a little about the previous version so let’s see what’s new.

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Ehpro True MTL RTA Review

The True MTL RTA was sent to me for review from Get it here (affiliate). This is a mouth-to-lung tight draw tank designed by the owner of NatureVape out of the U.K. It’s being manufactured and sold through Ehpro.

Not even a year ago it was really hard to find a good MTL tank. Companies just weren’t making them. The only options were tanks that were hard to find or very expensive. Or the Nautilus Mini. But I think with the surging popularity of pod devices, the MTL experience has become a lot more appealing to vapers and now we’re seeing all sorts of MTL tanks on the market for really affordable prices, which I think is great because I’ve always really enjoyed MTL vaping.

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