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E-Juice Review: Ossem Juice From Malaysia

Flavahub is a company out of Malaysia who makes several lines of e-juice. They reached out to me to see if I would review their Ossem Juice line (pronounced “awesome”), which is a fruit-based line with a koolada kick. If you don’t know what koolada is, it’s kind of like menthol but with less of the menthol taste. It provides more of the sensation of menthol, rather than modifying the flavor much.

You can get Ossem Juice from or in 50ml bottles for $20.99. All of the e-juices in this line are 30pg/70vg and you can get it nicotine strengths of 0, 3, and 6mg.

Let’s take a look at each flavor they sent me.

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Re-Review of Ruthless Grape Drank

I bought this e-juice myself.

I’ve actually reviewed Grape Drank before, but it’s the number one video that I get crap for, mainly for vaping it at only 10 and 20 watts. I published it in January 2016, but it was actually recorded in May 2015 right after I bought my first RDA, the Smok Caterpillar. That’s how I was vaping two years ago and how a lot of people were still vaping. Sub-ohm vaping at 100 watts or higher wasn’t a thing yet. This was a time when people thought 60 watts was high.

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Hardware Review: Pax Juul

I purchased the Pax Juul starter kit myself. It comes in a nice little package with two boxes. One package has the pods and the other box has the Juul and the USB charger.

You can get a starter kit for $49.99 which comes with everything I just mentioned, as well as 1-year warranty.

For the average person looking to get off smoking, there’s not a lot that needs to be said about the Juul. You plug in a pod and hit it. It’s draw-activated using a pressure sensor, which means all you need to do is take a drag and it turns on. There are no buttons to press.

But if you’re interested in the technical details, let’s really dig in.

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Atomizer Review: Asvape Cobra Sub Ohm Tank

The Asvape Cobra was sent to me for the purpose of this review by They sell it for $37.99

This is a 24mm sub ohm tank created by Asvape. I took a look around their website and I’ve learned that the “A” and the “S” in Asvape stands for American Standard, which is interesting since they are in China. But I guess we’re their target market. They’ve been in business for about 7 years according to their Facebook page. They sell three different mods and two different atomizers – one of those atomizers is this Cobra Tank.

So let’s take a look at it.

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E-Juice Review: Hold the Door by VapeWild

I received VapeWild’s Hold The Door as a gift from one of my great subscribers, Scott.

VapeWild’s description for this e-juice says:

Smell and Taste

For this review, I used the Veritas RDA built at 1.08 ohms on the SMOK Alien at 20 watts.

It smells like banana and it smells sweet. I can’t really smell the cream and marshmallow.

I definitely get banana and cream from the taste and maybe a little bit of marshmallow. The cinnamon is just barely there. It’s a pretty good e-juice though. I really liked this one.

If you’re interested in Hold The Door, you can get it from in nicotine strengths in various levels between 0 through 12mg. You can also get various VG / PG ratios and bottles sizes. A 10ml bottle costs $2.99 a 30ml 6.99 and they have several other larger sizes.

E-Juice Review: VapeWild’s Yellow No. 5

VapeWild’s Yellow Dye #5 was given to me by one of my subscribers, Scott. As you can see from the video, the label says “Vape It Forward”, and being the cool guy that he is, Scott did just that. So thanks, Scott! And Vape Wild is really cool about sending free flavors like this in their orders, in case you’re wondering what that’s about.

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E-Juice Review – “Fantastic” by Flavahub


I received three flavors from FlavaHub for their Fantastic Juice line. Flava Hub is from Malaysia and I just want to point that out because they might have different tastes than what I’m used to here in the U.S. and also because of shipping time and costs. I looked up shipping to the U.S. and if you go with 3-7 day DHL Express, it’ll set you back $25 just for one bottle. Registered Air Mail is much more reasonable at only $3.50, but it will take about 3.5 weeks.

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