Vape Explodes in Woman’s Face Causing Severe Injuries

Here we go again with the media reporting a story without understanding how vape technology works and how some products are safer than others.

So what the media is reporting right now is that a woman came into a store called “The Vapor Shop” located on Harlem Road in Machesney Park in Chicago complaining that the battery in her “vape pen” was malfunctioning, so the vape shop changed the battery for her.

After the battery was changed, she took a hit and the battery exploded. It caused serious injury to her face, it caused tooth damage, and it set a nearby desk on fire.

The Vapor Shop hasn’t said anything about the situation yet, stating that they would like to speak to their lawyer first, so this is about all we know about this story.

So here’s what I can gather from what we know.

In my mind, there are one of two things that could have gone wrong;

She is using a mech mod and there was user-error, either on her part or on the part of the vape shop. Whatever the user-error was, it caused a hard short and the battery exploded. If this is the case, this story should not be reported as being caused by a vape pen because a vape pen is totally different than a mech mod. Mech mods do not have safety features and the only people who use them should know the risks.

Now, let’s say it really was a vape pen or a regulated device. This story says that the vape shape replaced the battery. If this vape shop actually took apart a regulated device that was malfunctioning and replaced the battery, these guys are not only stupid, but they’re screwed. They’re gonna get sued. They should have told her that she should throw it away or send it to the manufacturer.

Either way, this isn’t a clear example of how vape devices are inherently dangerous, which is definitely how the media will portray it. This is a case of somebody doing something stupid that could have been prevented.


Based on a response from whoever manages their Google Business listing, it turns out that the woman who was injured was actually the owner’s daughter. They say it was a faulty battery, but I don’t think they have any way to prove that. Maybe it was, but these cases are almost always the result of user-error. They also say that she was using a sub-ohm tank on a mech mod, but they’ve never said what that device was. All they’ve said is that it was a high-ohm tank and that she’s been using this same set up for years with no issues. And they say she’s an experienced vaper who has worked in a vape shop.

Either way, I feel bad for the lady and for the family.

A lot of people say that sub-ohm tanks are okay on regular mech mods, but everyone agrees that tanks are not safe on hybrid mechs. I don’t know if she was using a hybrid mech though.

But even if you have a regular mech, I do think there are some increased risks with using a tank, mostly because pre-built coils in tanks are susceptible to manufacturing issues. For example, the resistance of the coils might not be built according to what it says on the package, the coils might fluctuate while firing, and the pre-built coils might be damaged before you even install it.

That’s just my opinion. Lots of people use tanks on mechs, but I personally don’t. I’ve seen way too many shorts happen on my own tanks while using regulated devices.

Anyway, in response to this, the owner discarded every mech mod that they had in the store and now they are hoping for their daughter to have a quick recovery. And I hope so as well.

A Girl Blows Vape Out Of Her Ear

Have you all seen the video that went viral a few days ago of a girl vaping and blowing the vapor out of her ears? How many of you can do it? If you can’t do it, don’t bother practicing because it’s not a trick that can be learned or perfected.

The reason some people can blow vapor or smoke out of their ears is due to perforated eardrums. There’s a tube that connects your nasal cavity to your ear, but there’s a membrane that blocks anything from going through either side of it. According to Dr. Gary Larson, the only way vapor can come through the membrane is if there’s a hole in it.

So if anything, blowing vapor through your ear could be a good test to find out if you need to go to the doctor to get your eardrum fixed, which you should do because a hole in your eardrum can cause increased ear infections and hearing loss.

iQuit E-Juice Review – High Nic Salt Nic E-Liquid

The friendly folks from Spotless Distribution reached out to me and asked if I would do a review of their iQuit salt nicotine e-liquid. This is the first time I’ve ever tested high-nic salt based e-juice, so I was really excited to give it a try.

For all of my reviews, I tested them by refilling my previously used pods from the Juul and it worked perfectly. The throat hit and nic-levels were exactly like using pre-filled pods, so if you if you use a high-nic tight-draw device, definitely check these out.

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How To Get Vape Products For Review

Getting started as a reviewer isn’t easy. It might sound easy, but it’s not. It takes a lot of time, you have to review products you don’t care about, and you’re probably gonna suck at first. But don’t worry – you’ll get better and eventually get better products. Ignore the haters (you’ll get them, we all do) and keep doing your thing. And as your channel grows, you’ll have more opportunities to get free products to review.

At first, you might be tempted to reach out to companies for free products, but if you’re not an established reviewer, don’t waste your time. Trust me, I tried doing this at the beginning of my vape reviewer journey and I failed. I contacted about 50 companies and not one of them wanted to work with me!

If you don’t have subscribers on YouTube, followers on social media, or a lot of traffic on your blog, they aren’t interested. Companies use reviewers to promote their business or products, so they want people with influence.

As your channel grows, companies will start to notice. They’ll come to you. Until then, focus on providing great content.

But if you do a have a decent following and you still don’t have vape stores banging on the door, there are some good companies who like to work with smaller reviewers.

BuyBest is one of the newer distributors making a name for themselves recently, although they’ve been around for a while. They have a great program where you can post a review anywhere, such as your website, social media, forums, and blogs, and they’ll pay anywhere from $3 to $50 for the review. If you have a decent following, they accept requests from reviewers and will send free products. In my experience, they send a list of products they want to be reviewed and you get to pick 1-2 items to review. Learn more about their program here.

Heaven Gifts

The folks over at Heaven Gifts are great. They work with lots of lesser-known reviewers and they even send out products that are brand new and have just hit the market. But if you’re a smaller reviewer, you’ll get the cheap stuff, like a $20 sub-ohm tank that might not sell so well. Still good products though! Usually. Go to their contact page to send them a message


They require at least 2,500 YouTube subscribers (as of 2018). I have yet to meet their criteria, so I don’t know how they work, but that’s what they told me when I asked. But if you keep at it long enough, you’ll get there (and so will I!). When you do, send them a message either on their site or on Facebook and they’ll get back to you quickly to let you know if you make the cut.

SourceMore is a great distributor based out of China and as such, they have access to tons of products. I’ve also found that they usually run some pretty good deals, so I have no problems at all recommending them to my subscribers. They’ll often let you pick the products you want to review. I’m not totally sure about their criteria, but I believe you’ll need somewhere above at least 1,500 subscribers before they will work with you.

GearBest was one of the first companies to ever work with me. This was when I only had several hundred subs on YouTube. Over time, my contact at Gearbest left for another job and the person who filled his shoes never followed up with me, so I no longer get anything from them, but I’ll always be grateful to them for helping me get my start. If they were willing to work with me with less than 500 subs, there’s a good chance they’ll work with you if you reach out to them.


If you have a good following, they are willing to give you a chance but be prepared to perform well. I’m not saying you should lie in your review, but give them props for sending you stuff, shout them out on social, and make it worth their while. My reviews were positive, but they chose not to work with me after the first time. That’s okay, I understand. But they gave me a chance and that was awesome of them. Send them a message from their site.

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