Hardware Review – Green Tank By Carrys

The Green Tank was sent to me from HeavenGifts.com for the purpose of this review. This is a sub-ohm tank from a company named CARRYS. I’ve never heard of them before, but they have a website at carrystech.com if you want to look them up.


  • The green tank
  • 4ml capacity
  • 24.5mm diameter
  • Silicone airflow control ring
  • 1 G1 0.5 ohm coil
  • Top fill
  • Colors: black, green, steel
  • Price: $10.99


The tank is made of stainless steel. The threads are not the highest quality. I get a little crunchiness when screwing the bottom of the tank into the deck. The tank as a whole is also really light, which is nice. It’s not heavy at all.

Drip Dip

The Green Tank has a food-grade silicone 810 drip tip and you can replace this tip with an 810 drip tip of your choice if you don’t like it.

The silicone is an interesting choice for a drip tip. It’s like those silicone baking pans or silicone ice cube trays you see at the store. I looked up the heat limits of silicone and while it depends on the grades of silicone used, it can typically handle about 400 degrees fahrenheit of continuous heat, so you shouldn’t have any problems with it hardening or deforming.

Filling The Green Tank

It’s a top-fill tank, but it uses an older style of top-fill. Basically you unscrew the top cap and fill directly into the tank. The problem with this method is that you have to be careful that the tank doesn’t come off of the base, otherwise you’ll have e-juice everywhere. It’s not a good filling system, but to be fair, the o-ring that holds the glass in place is pretty wide so it seems to hold it together firmly. I haven’t had any issues with it.

The top cap also has little grips to help remove it, but they are so small that I don’t think they help much.


Carrys says that the Green Tank has an adjustable bottom airflow, but it’s not adjustable at all. They included what they are calling a silicone airflow control ring. Its basically a tank protector ring. You might remember that the original Aromamizer used this same idea for their tank and people hated it. It’s the same deal here, except what’s even worse is that this ring doesn’t have any holes. You have to slide it up and down so that it blocks off one airflow and leaves the other open, but it looks really tacky. It works though.

You have two large airflow slots on each side of the tank. Even as large as the airflow slots are, I would have expected more air to come in, but it’s a little restricted. I think that restriction might be caused by the coil or the coil cover. It’s really not that bad though. It’s just a slightly restricted lung draw.


It only comes with one coil, which sucks, but I guess that’s why it’s only $11. I would have liked for them to include an extra coil, not only to get a little more use out of the tank out of the box, but also because you never know if you might get a bad coil, which I think may have actually happened to me (more on that below). And if the coil is bad, you won’t be able to use the tank at all out of the box.

The coil that I have seems to read at various ohms depending on the device I put it on. On the Predator I’m getting 0.66ohms, on the Smok Alien it’s reading 0.95ohms, and on the Lavabox DNA75 I’m getting 0.72 ohms. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a tank read so differently on different devices and so far off from what it’s supposed to come out to, which is 0.5ohms.

I don’t know if it’s the fault of the coil or of the tank itself. That’s another reason why they should have included more than one coil head.

The coil head fits into a food grade silicone sleeve. I’m not a fan of this sleeve, especially because the coil head has a long cotton strip wrapped around it. When you try to push the coil head into the sleeve, the cotton strip moves out of place. It’s not a good design. Once it’s in the sleeve though, it just pushes right into place.

CARRYS says this sleeve doesn’t have residual taste, but it seemed to have a residual taste to me, at least in the beginning. It was just a slight rubbery taste, but it did seem to go away after running about a tank of e-juice through it.

The coil is rated between 30-80 watts. I think 80 watts might be a little too high for this coil but even after chain vaping, I can’t get a dry hit. It just tastes little funny. I prefer the flavor at around 65 watts. Anything above that seems a little to affect the flavor. At the lowest range of 30 watts, it works fine and has good flavor.

The pre-installed coil is a single vertical 0.5 ohm coil. They also sell a 0.3ohm dual vertical coil head and a 0.2ohm triple vertical coil head. The 0.5ohm coils sell for $5.51 for a 5-pack, the 0.3ohm coils cost $11.69 for a 5-pack, and the 0.2ohm coils cost $12.35 for a 5-pack. Supposedly this tank is also compatible with the Eleaf EC series coils with an optional accessory, but I can’t find whatever that accessory might be.

Final Thoughts

My biggest concern with this tank is that the ohms keep reading differently every time I put it on a device. For example, with the Smok Alien, I would get 0.7ohms, then take it off and put it back on and get 2.1 ohms and an atomizer short message, then do it again and get 1.2ohms. It’s all over the place, even on the same device! It could be the coil head or it might even be the tank. So that’s a pretty big con.

But this is a really basic, no frills tank, which is what you’d expect for only $11 brand new. And that’s exactly what they were going for here. They mention the cheap price on their sales page, so that’s really what they set out to do – create a really basic sub-ohm tank that anybody can afford. It looks nice, the flavor is decent and it produces a lot of vapor. I personally wouldn’t buy this tank with the options that I have available to me, but for someone on a really tight budget, $11 isn’t too bad for a sub-ohm tank like this, as long as the coils aren’t faulty.

The Latest Vape News – The VapePassion Show Episode 94

Some of the topics discussed include:

  • E-Juice Review: That Thai Tea Tho..
  • The Amount of Legs On Your Battery Contacts Doesn’t Improve Performance
  • Recent Study Says Pregnant Women Shouldn’t Vape Fruity E-Juice Flavors
  • eCigExpress Messed Up Some Discounts So Check Your Receipts!
  • There’s a Product Recall On The Sigelei J150 Plus
  • Is The My First Vape Toy Real?

Links to everything I talk about are below.

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Ultrasonic Cleaners for Vaping

First I want to thank one of my subscribers, William, for prompting me to put this post together. So let’s just jump right in.

Ultrasonic cleaners are typically used to clean things like jewelry and eyeglasses, but they’re also used for medical equipment, electronics, musical instruments and other things. Ultrasonic cleaners don’t sterilize though, so they won’t work like an autoclave in a tattoo shop (which many people wrongly assume).

How Ultrasonic Cleaners Work

Ultrasonic cleaners work by emitting ultrasound sound waves, which are sound waves that humans can’t hear. People with good hearing might be able to hear sound waves up to 20khz, but not usually higher than that. Ultrasonic cleaners typically run between 25khz to 400khz, so we can’t hear the sound they are emitting. Cats can hear up to 79 kHz and dogs up to 45 kHz, so you might notice your pets acting a little strange when you run an ultrasonic cleaner.

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DIY E-Juice YouTuber You Should Follow – A Pro Flavor Compounder

I saw someone over on Reddit giving props to a new DIY channel named DIY Eliquid Recipes and I checked it out and the videos are great resources for DIY’ers.

He’s been a professional flavor compounder since 2011, so he knows what he’s talking about.

The guy’s name is John and he just gets right to the point without adding any fluff. He puts out about 2-3 videos per week and each video is nice and digestible at around 3-5 minutes each.

He covers pretty much everything DIY, such as offering tips on how to use specific flavors and additives, he does flavoring reviews, and he also puts out recipes, some of which are very simple and perfect for beginner mixers.

I’m a huge fan of long-form content from DIY channels like DIY or Die, but I think there’s a place for direct short-form content like this too. I definitely recommend checking him out.

The DotBox 300w Has Battery Issues – Recall Notice

DotMod is known for their luxurious high-end products. A lot of people say their mods are the Macbook of the vape world because they are so visually appealing. But unfortunately, their devices are also known for their lackluster performance due to the proprietary chip they use (their older products use the much better DNA chip). The Dotbox 300 has been out for a while now, since at least January 2017, so nearly a year, but just recently, owners are reporting that the LiPo battery inside has started to get puffy and will not hold a charge.

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Aspire Has Changed The Cell They Use For Their 18650’s

See, now this is why it’s so good to have someone like Mooch in the vaping community testing batteries for us.

Originally, the Aspire 18650 was rated fairly highly by Mooch. At some point, Aspire started wrapping lower quality cells. They have new wraps that no longer have current ratings, which is ridiculous because now a user has to go to the Aspire website to figure out what their battery is rated at. Not that wraps are ever accurate, but we should at least have a point of reference.

Mooch says that this new version will still hit really hard for the first few draws, but then the voltage drops quickly after that. His new rating for it is 25a and 1800mAh. Not too bad, but he says that the Sony VTC5A is a much better option.

iJoy Has Changed Their 20700 Battery

Back in April of this year, 2017, Mooch ran some tests on the iJoy 40a 20700 battery. He found that while it was overrated at 40amps, it does seem to be a good battery at 30a and is accurately rated at 3000mAh. The market for 20700 batteries is small, so there aren’t a lot of good brands to choose from who make them, so ever since Mooch’s tests, the iJoy’s 20700 has been one of the most popular and top recommended 20700 sized battery.

In early October, however, iJoy changed the cell – same wrap, different battery. Mooch ran some new tests and unfortunately, it looks like it has lost quite a lot of performance. He rated the new batteries as 15-20a, with a capacity of 2800mAh, and it also has a lot of voltage sag.

There’s a really easy way to find out if you have the good ones or the new poorer performing ones – the older good ones have 5-prongs on the positive end, while the new ones have four prongs.

iJoy sent out an announcement once the news broke saying that it’s true that there are now two versions of their 20700 batteries on the market.

They gave a couple of reasons for this. For one, due to current high demand, they are no longer able to keep up with production. They have also experienced an increased cost of materials.

To account for this, they are now packaging kits with the 4-leg version, but they still plan to sell the 5-leg version separately. They also explained that they didn’t have time to get new wraps for the 4-leg version before they started shipping them out, so that’s why they have the original labels on them. They said the new ones will have a different label on them, but they didn’t say when that would start if it already hasn’t.

E-Juice Review: Visions by BLAQ

BLAQ gave this to me for the purpose of review.

  • 60ml bottles for $24.99
  • Nicotine strengths of 0, 3, and 6mg
  • 65% VG / 35% PG

Visions is described as a sweet honeydew mixed with secret nanaberries crystallized in a hard rock candy.


I have no idea how to describe the smell. It doesn’t smell like honeydew, it doesn’t smell like rock candy, and it doesn’t smell banana or berries (which is what they’re referring to by nanaberries). It smells sweet, but I don’t get any other specific smells out of it.


For this review, I used the Smok Alien at 100 watts with the CSMNT RDA on top built at 0.4 ohms.

It’s definitely honeydew, which is noticeable immediately. I really like how the honeydew comes out in this. It’s definitely the dominant flavor. The second most noticeable flavor is the banana. I would have never thought to combine honeydew and bananas, but it works well. I don’t really get any specific berry flavor out of the vape, but this is an overall fruity flavor, so it’s probably contributing to the flavor as a whole.

As for the rock candy flavor, I don’t taste it. I suppose it’s a little candy-ish, but not a whole lot to me. It’s pretty sweet though, but it tastes more like the sweetness of a very ripe banana, which I love. So yeah, this one is pretty good, I like it a lot. I get the feeling it will be a coil killer though because it’s sweet.

So you can get this from blaqvapor.com in in 60ml bottles for $24.99. If you like sweet honeydew and banana flavor e-juices, I think you’ll like it.

Old School Vape Review: 454 Big Block RDA

Let’s take a look at the 454 Big Block RDA made by Kryptonite Vapor, which is now known as Raven’s Moon Vapor. They are an American company that uses 100% USA sourced materials and labor, except for circuit boards.

This RDA originally came out around July 2014 (over three years ago as of today) and it cost around $60-$85. You can still buy it directly from Raven’s Moon for $32 or the V2 model for $45. I bought it from 101vape.com who is having a closeout sale on these for $10, so get one while they last.

The 454 can run single, dual, and quadruple coil builds. This was a truly innovative RDA back in the day, so let’s take a look at it and see how it stands up.

454 Big Block RDA Specs:

  • Air fin cooled top cap to reduce heat
  • Adjustable airflow control
  • Can run 1, 2, or 4 coil builds
  • Has a ULTEM insulator to handle high temperatures
  • Delrin side-vented drip tip
  • Conical top cap to enhance flavor
  • The center post has cross drilled .06″ holes
  • Solid copper center post for better conductivity

Let’s start at the top and work our way down, starting with the drip tip.

The Unique 454 Drip Tip

The drip tip is made with Delrin and has unique engineering. Rather than being a regular drip tip with a hole that goes straight through, it’s actually solid at the bottom and has airflow holes on the sides. This was designed to prevent spit back while vaping. It’s a cool design, but it’s still kind of a cheap drip tip and it increases airflow restriction. I don’t like that restriction, so I don’t use it, but still a cool idea.

The Top Cap Stays Nice and Cool

The drip tip snaps into the top cap nice and tight. It won’t fall out. If you pull on the drip tip the top cap comes off, which make it really easy to pop off and drip on the coils. One thing you’ll notice about the top cap is that it has heatsink fins. This prevents the top from getting hot so that you don’t burn your lips. And the heatsinks work really well too. I actually vape this without a drip tip at all (“tailpiping”) because I like a lot of airflow. I haven’t had any issues with it getting hot this way. Tailpiping will get some e-juice in your mouth though, especially after just filling it up with e-juice.

The Airflow Control Is a Little Confusing At First

The barrel and the airflow are two parts. That airflow control ring snaps into place and is held sturdy with a thin rubber washer. It has the perfect amount of restriction so that the airflow ring doesn’t move around unless you want it to. If you pull the airflow control ring off you can see all of the different airflow settings you have. Each hole is 3mm wide.

I’ve found that paying attention only to the side with three holes is the easiest way to set the airflow the way you want it. For example, if you line up the first of the three holes on the barrel to the holes on the airflow control, you have only two holes open for dual coils. If you line up the middle hole, you open up all of the holes for a quad coil. And if you line up the 3rd hole, you get only one hole open for single coil.

The 454 Build Deck

The juice well is decent. It’s not deep but it’s not bad. There’s a positive post right in the middle, which has four holes with one on each side. This lets you build up to four coils on here. The entire outer edge of the atomizer acts as the negative post. There are four screws.

The 454 comes with a metal ring that you can use to trap your negative coil leads, which was a really cool and innovative idea, but I’ve found that it’s easier just to trap the leads under the screws. But that’s because I use basic builds.

If you’re using large wire or a special build like Clapton’s, you might need to use that ring because the leads will be too big to fit under the screws. And if do try to use Clapton’s you’ll struggle trying to fit them into the middle positive post. They will need to be really small Clapton’s because I couldn’t fit more than one of my own into the post. I have seen some Clapton builds on the 454 on Instagram though, so it’s possible.

How to Build the 454 Big Block RDA

Building basic round-wire quad coils or putting in dual Clapton’s requires an interesting method for building. Basically, you need to build two coils on one strand of wire. The easiest way to do this is to build one coil on one side of a really long wire, put it through the positive post, tighten it down, and then build the other coil while it’s on the device. This is the only way I’ve been able to do quad coils with 26 gauge wire or getting dual Clapton’s in there. If you have this atomizer and know of other methods, please share because I’d love to learn about other options.

This is designed as a vertical coil RDA, which makes it a little more difficult to build on than typical RDAs. It makes wicking a pain too, but I found that by installing the coils at an angle, rather than straight vertical, it vapes better and is much easier to wick. The 454 has a big learning curve, especially when putting in four coils and trying to use the negative ring.

Out of the box, I had to rebuild this four times before I was happy enough to use it and it still didn’t come out all that great. It performs great though.

The 510 Pin and Insulator

Inside the positive pin, they used a ULTEM insulator which is designed to handle higher temperatures. They say it’s stable up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Many RDAs today use Peek insulators, which are stable up to 290 degrees Fahrenheit, so I’d imagine the 454 could handle quite a bit of heat.

And on the bottom, you see the solid copper 510 pin. This is copper designed for better conductivity. It’s non-adjustable and doesn’t stick out much, so I wouldn’t recommend it for a hybrid mech.

How Does the 454 RDA Perform?

Once I got it built correctly, I was really surprised by the performance. So much so that I haven’t been able to put it down. Without their included drip tip, you can get a lot of airflow through here and pretty high wattages. I’ve been enjoying it at about 80 watts. The one problem that I’ve noticed is that chain vaping at 80 watts or higher can make the RDA really hot. Like really hot. It doesn’t get hot at all at the top, but instead at the bottom where it attaches to the device. It transfers a ton of heat to the device it’s sitting on. But I only get this when chain vaping. Normally it’s not bad.

The flavor is good, but not what I’d call amazing. But it’s definitely good enough to enjoy, at least for me. And it’s much better with Clapton coils installed.

What’s also interesting is that it doesn’t seem to leak through the airflow holes. There’s a little edge that protrudes above the airflow and where the top cap sits, that seems to prevent leaking when dripping onto the wicks. It’s pretty cool. If you have four coils in here, there’s enough wick to really prevent it from leaking through the airflow holes, but if you’re running dual coils and the juice well is full, it’ll pour right out when you tip it, although I think a fix for that would be to add more cotton and spread it out in the juice well.

Final Thoughts

So that’s the 454 Big Block RDA. A lot of people liked the way it looked back in the day. I don’t think it’s much of a looker today, but it’s not bad. The machine quality is outstanding and it’s really heavy duty. It was built well. Everything about this RDA still screams high-quality.

Quad coils are little hard to build, but once you get the hang of it, it’s really not too bad.

And the flavor is ok. Not great, but decent.

My biggest complaint is how much heat it transfers to the device.

But overall this is an awesome atomizer. I can see why this was so popular 3 years ago and I actually think it’s still worth buying today. I’m almost tempted to buy another one from 101vape.com just because they’re only $10 right now. So yeah, I’d say go out and get one. It’s a fun RDA that performs well and lasts the test of time.

E-Juice Review: Black Note Prelude

This was sent to me for free for the purpose of review from Blacknote.com. Get Blacknote’s Prelude here.


Black Note describes Prelude as a Virginia tobacco that sets the stage for a light, bright and naturally sweet taste. This tobacco is grown in the sandy soils surrounding the Italian Alp and made from real Virginia tobacco leaves that are flue-cured to perfection.

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