YouTube is Going After Vape Reviewers

Over the last couple of months, YouTube has been going after vape creators for violating YouTube’s guidelines regarding “regulated goods,” or tobacco products. YouTube is either giving warnings or strikes for any videos that mention or even show a URL where you can buy a vape product. For years now, it has been against YouTube’s … Read more

How Do Vape Batteries Work

It’s good to understand how the batteries you use for vaping work, especially if you’re using them in a mechanical mod. The ins and outs of how batteries work aren’t as important if you’re using a regulated device but it can still be good to know if you’re using bypass mode in a regulated device. … Read more

How I Quit Smoking In 2 Months By Switching to Vaping

Why You Should Track Your Progress While Quitting – To hold myself accountable, I printed out a full-year quit smoking calendar to track my progress. My goal was to track the days where I slipped up and smoked and to also take notes of what happened on those days so that I could prevent myself … Read more

Suorin Drop 2 Review

The Suorin Drop 2 was sent to me for review from YOUMEIT, the official direct sales store of Suorin, AIRBAR, and other popular vape brands. This is another great pod device from Sourin that’s small, looks great, and fits well in your pocket. Specs 1000 mAh battery 14 watts max Zinc Alloy Body Draw-activated 3.7ml … Read more

Suorin Air Pro Pod Device Review

The Suorin Air Pro was sent to me for review from YOUMEIT, the official direct sales store of Suorin, AIRBAR, and more. Suorin is one of the longest-running and most well-known pod-device makers around. And they stay around because they make great pod devices. I reviewed the Suorin Air V2 back in 2018 and it … Read more

How I Started Vaping and Why I Still Vape Today

How I Started Vaping in 2010  – I bought my first electronic cigarette way back in 2010. It was one of those old-school “cigalikes” that were designed to look and feel just like a cigarette. I got it from a company called Green Smoke for about $200! Yep, a $200 cigalike battery! It was the … Read more

How Much Money Do You Waste by Smoking and Vaping?

How Much Money Do You Waste Smoking? – According to this “cost of smoking calculator” from the National Cancer Institute (NCI), you could save anywhere from $9,563 (5 cigarettes per day) to $38,253 (1 pack per day) over 10 years. With cigarettes costing anywhere from $7 to $10 or more per pack, it’s just not … Read more

Freemax Onnix 2 Review

The Onnix 2 was sent to me for review from Freemax. This is a small stick-style pod vape designed for high nicotine and tight draw vaping. Specs 15-watt max 2ml pod capacity 900mAh battery USB-C Charging Colors: Blue, Red, Green, Grey, Brown, and Rainbow $29.99 at Freemax In the Box Onnix 2 device One 2ml … Read more

Freemax Marvos S Review

The Freemax Marvos S was sent to me for review from Freemax. This is a little pocket-sized vape that goes up to 80 watts and packs a lot of power. Specs: 5-80 watts 4.5 ml capacity tank External 18650 battery (not included) Made of zinc alloy and artificial leather Colors: Silver/Grey, Gunmetal Red, Gunmetal Yellow, … Read more

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