Apple Papi – Fuji Apple Nic Salt from All Day Vapor

Apple Papi was sent to me for review from All Day Vapor from Canada. This is a new brand dedicated to developing nicotine salt based e-juices for mouth-to-lung vaping, or in other words, high-nicotine and smooth throat hit.

The Flavor Profile: All Day Vapor describes Apple Papi as tasting like the PAPI of all apples, the red fuji apple.

Does it Really Taste Like Fuji Apples?

I was intrigued by their claims of this tasting like a Fuji apple. I eat a lot of apples and in my house, we regularly switch up the varieties, like Gala, Pink Lady, Fuji, Honeycrisp, and of course your typical red delicious and green Granny Smith apples. So for them to claim that this e-juice tastes like a Fuji apple really caught my attention. I mean, that’s pretty specific.

So I wanted to test this by comparing to both Fuji apples and Granny Smith apples since both are on opposite sides of the sweet and tart spectrum.

My Thoughts

So after having tasted this with both green and Fuji apples, I would say that it tastes kind of like a cross between both, but not like either one. It’s probably closer to the sweetness of a Fuji apple though, with just a very tiny bit of tartness. Obviously, it’s going to be damn near impossible to make it taste like real food, so I’d say that for the most part, calling it a Fuji apple flavor is pretty accurate. And because it has a candy-ish flavor, I think it tastes a lot like an apple jolly rancher. And the flavor is nice and strong, so I really like it.


  • 30ml
  • Ratio: 55VG/45PG
  • Nicotine Strength: 12, 24, 36, 48

If you want to check them out, they’re on Facebook and Instagram @alldayvaporbrand or you can visit their website at They’ve got a whole bunch of other flavors to pick from like pineapple/guava, grape, berries, tobacco mint, mango, banana smoothie, icy mint, tobacco, watermelon, tropical fruit, blueberry/lime, and strawberry/banana.

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