E-Liquid Review: “The Queen” From Strawberry Queen

This product was sent to me for free for the purpose of review.

You can buy The Queen here (affiliate link). Also, go check out their website and give them some love on Instagram.

All of their flavors come in 70vg/30pg ratios and are available in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg nicotine.

I have never reached out to an e-juice manufacturer to request samples for review, but I tried Strawberry Queen e-juice at a convention earlier this year and I loved it so much that I couldn’t help myself. I got in touch with them and the owner sent me all four flavors.

This flavor is called “The Queen”

It’s described as “strawberries picked fresh.”

The Queen comes in a nice glass bottle with a fancy gradient that starts from clear and goes up to red. It has a red cap and green rubber dropper, emulating the colors of a real strawberry. It’s a really fun and smart design.

This one is clear in color.

It definitely smells like strawberries, but based on the smell, I can’t discern whether or not it’s freshly picked strawberries or a candy strawberry.

For this review, I used the iStick 100watt TC at 60 watts. On top is the Mutation XV3 RDA built at 0.51 ohms.

Strawberry Queens e-juices all product a very thick vapor, due to it being a 70% VG e-juice. It’s nice and smooth.

There is a bit of a fresh picked strawberry taste. It’s very mild but also slightly rich. There’s really no throat hit at all at 6mg nicotine. Like fresh picked strawberries, it does have a bit of that earthy taste like a fresh fruit would have, but not in a bad way. It works very well in this flavor.

If you’re looking for a just a straight strawberry flavor, I think you’ll like it. It’s not too sweet and not overpowering.

The biggest drawback to Strawberry Queen e-juice is that it’s pricey. $20 for a 30ml is a little high, but if it sounds like something you’re interested in, pick it up here. (affiliate link)

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