E-Juice Review of Mango Burst by Burst E-Liquids

I received Mango Burst for the purpose of this review from Vapor4Life.com.

This is described simply as a mango flavor

  • 70/30 VG/PG
  • $22.99 for a 60ml
  • Nic: 0, 3, 6

Smell: It smells like a sweet and really, REALLY strong mango flavor. It smells like it could be overpowering for some people.

I tested this using the Smok Procolor at 80 watts with the Goon 1.5 RDA built at 0.47 ohms.

Taste: Just like it smells. It’s a strong mango flavor. This is definitely one of those mango flavors for people who really like mango. It has a sweetness that follows that mango flavor.

This tastes so familiar to me, but I can’t think of what. Maybe a mango candy I’ve had. It seems more like it’s a mango candy, rather than a fresh mango.

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