Freemax Marvos S Review

The Freemax Marvos S was sent to me for review from Freemax. This is a little pocket-sized vape that goes up to 80 watts and packs a lot of power.


  • 5-80 watts
  • 4.5 ml capacity tank
  • External 18650 battery (not included)
  • Made of zinc alloy and artificial leather
  • Colors: Silver/Grey, Gunmetal Red, Gunmetal Yellow, Black, and Black/Blue
  • $64.49 from

In the Box

  • Marvos S device
  • Marvos Pod tank
  • Two coils
  • USB Charging cable


Marvos S standing up
The first thing I thought of when I saw this was of the old school Eleaf iStick Pico or the Vaporesso Swag. It’s not a new design, but we don’t see this design very often, which I think is a shame because I really like this style. These little devices are great for packing power in tiny packages.
510 connection on top of the Marvos S
Although this is being called a pod mod, it has a 510 connector, so you can use any tank on here if it fits. The drawback to devices like this though, is that wider tanks won’t fit because of that battery cap. But it’ll still fit most tanks.
Marvos S leather-style grip
It’s a great-looking device with a metal frame and leather-styled grip that has some Marvos S branding on it. On one side of the device is a big color screen that fits everything you can think of. The screen shows the mode you’re in, the battery charge, your wattage, voltage, the resistance of your coil, a puff counter, and a puff timer.
Marvos S firing button
Under the screen are the up and down adjustment buttons. And then, you have a firing button on this thinner side of the device. Under the firing button is a USB-C charging port that uses 2A fast charging.

The device is 26mm (1 in.) thick, 51.7mm (2 in.) wide, and 110.2mm (4.3 in.) tall.


Modes on the Marvos S device
There are three modes to pick from on the Marvos S.

Power – Power is your regular wattage mode. You can set it anywhere from 5 to 80 watts. It adjusts in 1-watt increments, or you can hold it down to scroll fast.

Smart – Smart mode will auto-set the wattage based on the resistance of your coil. I’ve found that it works pretty well. This is a great feature if you just don’t feel like dealing with settings and just want to vape. With the tank that comes with the kit, this is the mode I prefer. It works great.

Bypass – this mode will give you wattage based on the coil’s resistance and battery charge.

You can also change the colors of the screen.

Screen colors on the Marvos S
There are five colors to pick from; white, yellow, green, red, and blue.

The Marvos DTL Pod

Marvos S pod
The tank on the Marvos S is a direct-to-lung pod-style tank so this is designed for tight draws.
Marvos S 510 pod adapter
This pod also attaches using a 510 adaptor which means you can use this tank on any other device too. The pod drops right into the adaptor and sticks with a magnet.

The pod has a removable 810 drip tip, so you can use any drip tip you want on here.

You’ll find the adjustable airflow on the 510 adapter and that airflow ring turns left or right.
Marvos S adjustable airflow on the pod
There’s no stopper on it, so you can keep turning it. The airflow options are somewhere between a very restricted lung draw to an almost completely wide-open draw. So if you like a lot of airflow, this will be good for that.

You can also buy different pods that’ll fit in the adaptor. Freemax makes four pods; the PCTG DTL Pod (which is the one that comes with this kit), a glass DTL pod, an RTA pod, and a pod tank. So you have a few different options for tank upgrades if you want to change things up in the future.


Coils available on the Marvos S
The Marvos Pod uses Freemax’s MS series of coils. You get two coils in the kit, a 0.25 and 0.15, but there are four coils available for this pod.

0.15 Ohm MS Mesh Coil
This coil is included in the kit. This coil is rated for 60-80 watts and is designed for direct lung hits. I’m getting some nice big flavorful hits. It works great.

0.25 Ohm MS Mesh Coil
This coil is rated for 40-60 watts and is designed for direct lung hits. Even at a lower wattage than the 0.15 Ohm coil head, I’m getting just as good flavor.

0.35 Ohm MS Mesh Coil
This coil is rated for 30-40 watts and is designed for both direct lung hits and mouth to lung hits

0.5 Ohm MS Mesh Coil
This coil is rated for 20-30 watts and is designed for both direct lung hits and mouth-to-lung hits.

Replacing the coils is as simple as flipping the tank upside down and pushing the coil in place. It’s press-fit and works nice. The liquid fill port is on the bottom of the pod too.


Single battery slot on the Marvos S
The Marvos S uses a single replaceable 18650 battery. Unscrew that battery cap at the top of the device and drop a battery in.

Final Thoughts

And that’s it for this kit. It’s a great setup. The device looks and performs great, and the pod and the coils give you a lot of flavor. The flavor is excellent like you’d expect from anything that Freemax makes, so I don’t think you’ll be disappointed there. The only drawback I have with it is that the pods leak over time. And that’s something I see with every pod device like this. On the positive side, the pod sits in a 510 adaptor, so it’ll leak in there instead of on your device. And if you don’t want to use the pod, Freemax made this compatible with any atomizer, which is a big plus.

The Marvos S was sent to me for review from Freemax. You can get it from them for $64.49.

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