Funky Republic Disposables Review

The Funky Republic Ti7000 Disposables, now known as the Funky Lands Ti7000, were sent to me for review from – check them out here and use code “FR15” for 15% off. That brings it down to only $12.74!

Funky Republic has dubbed these as a smart disposable device with a screen that shows battery levels and e-juice levels. They offer 7000 puffs, hold 12.8ml of liquid, and come in 25 flavors.


  • 17ml e-liquid capacity
  • 5% nicotine
  • 7,000 puffs
  • 600 mAh battery
  • Screen display
  • 15 flavors
  • 100mm x 38 x 24mm
  • MSRP: $14.99

Here are a few other places I’ve found selling them online:

In the Box

  • One Ti7000 disposable device

According to MyVapor, Funky Republic is a sub-brand of EB Design, the Elf Bar company, so that’s interesting. Elf Bars are massively popular, and people love them, so as you’d expect, the TI7000s are just as good, and maybe even better.


The Ti7000 are long and oval-shaped. The size and shape make it comfortable to hold and use. It’s about 4 inches long, 1.5 inches wide, and 1 inch thick.

The body is made of plastic, and they are covered in stickers that give it a sort of metallic matte finish look. Funky Republic vapes come in lots of different colors, but the color depends on the flavor you get. I like that they’ve created a different color for each flavor.


The Ti7000 is draw-activated, and there are no buttons, so you just take a hit, and it turns on. The draw is a nice, tight draw and gives a great hit every time.

The mouthpiece is a duckbill-shaped mouthpiece, which is comfortable to use.


The Ti7000 features a screen display, which might be a first for disposables. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a screen on one before. The screen shows you the charge of the device and how much liquid is left, which I think is a really cool feature because that solves my two biggest frustrations with disposables.

Reviewing Cantaloupe Apple and Watermelon Ice

MyVaporUS sent me two flavors, so I’ll give you an overview of my experience of those:

Cantaloupe Apple

This is a blend of light cantaloupe and green apple. The green apple is a tangy green apple flavor, and you get that hint of cantaloupe at the end of it. It’s a nice mix of sweet and sour.

Watermelon Ice

This is perfect match to its name. It’s a watermelon flavor with minty ice. The watermelon flavor is sweet and fresh, and the ice on top is very light. The ice is so light I can barely taste it, which I think highlights the watermelon without overpowering it.

Funky Republic Flavors

Funky Republic currently has 25 flavors:

  1. Berry Mix
  2. Blossom Mint
  3. Blue Razz Ice
  4. Blue Red Mint (blueberry, mint, rose)
  5. Blueberry Duo Ice
  6. California Cherry
  7. Cantaloupe Apple
  8. Ice Mint
  9. Mango Kiss
  10. Melon Berry Bomb Ice
  11. Mixed Fruit
  12. Osk Ice (orange, starfruit, kiwi)
  13. Passion Fruit Kiwi Lime
  14. Peach Brownn (or Peach Pie)
  15. Peach Mango Watermelon
  16. Pineapple Coconut Ice
  17. Pink Grapefruit
  18. Pomelo Pearl Grape
  19. Spoal Cloudd / Rainbow Cloudz (candy fruit mix)
  20. Strawberry Banana
  21. Strawberry Duo Ice
  22. Tropical Island
  23. Tropical Spoal / Tropical Rainbow Blast (tropical fruit)
  24. Watermelon Ice
  25. Watermelon Nana Duo Ice


Funky Republic is using QUAQ Tech in the Ti7000. I’m not sure what that stands for, but this is the same tech used in Elf Bars, so if you’ve used an Elf Bar, you’ll have a good idea of the performance in the Ti7000s. Which is great.

From what I can tell from research online, QUAQ is an atomizer technology created by the Elf Bar brand. They say this tech gives coils an increase of 500% in flavor consistency and a 30% increase in puffs. I have no idea what they’re comparing that to, but that’s what they say. It does seem like a great atomization technology, though.


The battery inside the Ti7000 is a 600 mAh battery, which I think is a good size for a pod device. I would expect that to last a full day of use for most people. It charges using USB-C.

Final Thoughts

That’s the Ti7000 from Funky Republic. These are great little disposables that work really well, provide great satisfying hits, and have excellent flavor. And that little screen that shows battery charge and liquid capacity is awesome. I love that feature.

I’ve seen some people on social complaining that these don’t have overcharge protection, so if that’s true, that’s a con because you’ll need to make sure that you unplug this when it’s done charging and not let it charge overnight.

I would have also liked to see an on/off switch because disposables still suffer from auto-firing problems and I’ve seen quite a few complaints of Funky Republic vapes having auto-firing problems. If you buy these in person at a vape shop, open it right away to test it before you leave. A lot of vape shops these days will even tell you to test disposables before you leave, that way you can exchange it if it has problems. I haven’t had any issues with the two I received, but it’s clear that it’s an issue a lot of people are dealing with.

But overall, I’ve been really happy in my tests!

The Ti7000 Funky Republic disposables were sent to me for review. Get them from here.

13 thoughts on “Funky Republic Disposables Review”

  1. not a very good vape. They if your lucky due to there percent sign on the vape don’t last very long. I mean the over all taste I would give only a 3 star out of a 5 star review . now if they had a money back on how long they lasted then I wouldn’t buy anymore

  2. The Pineapple Coconut Ice 7000 puff device has a known malfunction where the vape continues to hit after you’ve stopped drawing, for as much as 12-15 seconds. This has been happening for months, to ALL of the vapes I’ve purchased. I’ve gone to multiple shops, MULTIPLE, verified authenticity. All of the shops know of and have reported it, yet they are continuing to get them to sell. Again, this is only the PIineapple Coconut Ice. My husband, 2 sons and friend use the same vape in other flavors and don’t have the problem. I just don’t understand why they’re not correcting/recalling these malfunctioning vapes. I really thought they would have done something by now. Disappointing to say the least.

  3. Husband and I both got one of different flavors. They both had issues holding a charge (10 hits would kill them) and one just wouldn’t charge (we changed chargers and tried different places in our house). They both had an issue with auto firing for roughly 6-12 seconds after. We’ve both vaped for many years but I’ve never had such a bad experience with a brand than this one. The juices are mediocre at best. The only good thing about them is they show how much juice is in them and battery percentage (though like I said if they die within almost three hours it doesn’t really matter). A waste of money and still highly disappointed with them.

  4. The last four times I have bought a funky republic a and watermelon ice it has been defective hissing sound after you take a puff at the vape I was told it’s very dangerous and do not use it I’ve lost money and I really love that vape 🥲

  5. No good. Flavors? Phenomenal. The design. Superb.
    Getting 7000 puffs???? WRONG!!!

  6. What to do so the liquid is not going into my mouth.
    The gas station clerk said when that happens blow into it and that should fix it but it’s not every time I get a puff I can taste it

    • Yeah, blowing into it doesn’t work for disposables. You need to take really hard hits to get it out of there. You’ll have to spit that out if you don’t like it. But that should fix it.

  7. was awsome now garbage. they stay lit after you puff and you’ll Spend eighty dollars trying to get one that works. pick something else

  8. 1 out of 3 started at 99%, the other 2 at 80%. There ain’t no way ur getting 7000 hits off it! Apparently too long of shelf life.


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