The Hi Drip Collection from TD Distro

This Hi Drip e-liquid was sent to me for review from TD Distro. They make lots of different lines of e-liquid but for this review we’re taking a look at the Hi Drip collection which are all designed to taste like sweet candy fruit chews. You can learn more about Hi Drip from their website.


  • 100 ml bottles
  • Nicotine Strengths: 0, 3, and 6mg
  • $18 from

Melon Patch

Melon Patch smells like a super sweet strawberry flavor. It reminds me of strawberry bubble gum, like those rectangles of gum that are really juicy.

The flavor is almost just like it smells but not as sweet as you would think. It’s sweet enough though and actually what I would prefer. I think it could possibly be better if it was a little sweeter but then it might also run the risk of being too sweet. It started with a bit of a floral taste but it went away quick. It’s very good.

Nectarine Lychee

It smells slightly floral and very tropical. It smells very good!

This is a very unique flavor. The combination of lychee and nectarine make a really unique flavor. It’s sort of like a light tropical and refreshing taste. I get more nectarine than lychee and the lychee comes out just a hint on the exhale. It has some nice sweetness but actually seems more of a natural fruit flavor to me. It’s nice, I like it.

Guava Lava

Guava Lava smells strong of guava with almost a hint of liquor. So that’s interesting!

This tastes like a margarita. It has a great guava flavor and still a slight liquor flavor. It’s hard to get the strawberry but it’s definitely creating a unique twist to the guava. If you like margaritas you’ll probably like this. I really like it. It’s very different. It’s slightly sweet but not super sugary.

Island Orange

This smells like a very strong blood orange. It smells so good.

This one is super tasty. It’s like eating an actual blood orange. It has that realistic tartness and sweetness of an orange. I don’t really get the pineapple much but it’s probably there, giving it that slightly tropical taste. It’s not highly sweetened but has more of an authentic sweetness of an orange. If you like orange flavored liquids, which I love, you’ll like this.

Peachy Mango

Peachy Mango smells strong of peach. Sweet too.

I would have expected a lot more mango out of this since mango is usually pretty strong but it’s more of an equal mix of both mango and peach. What’s also different is that I can barely pick each flavor out of the mix, yet it tastes like a nice sweet tropical mix. It’s a light but sweet flavor that’s quite refreshing.

Dew Berry

Dew Berry smells like a sweet honeydew. Even sweeter than honeydew usually tastes.

The flavor on the other hand is hardly sweet at all. This one actually seems to have the most mellow flavor of the entire Hi Drip line. I get only a very slight hint of honeydew and not much strawberry at all. This one is okay to me but I would have liked a strong and sweeter flavor. But if you really like mellow flavors, you’d probably like this one.

The Hi Drip collection of e-liquids were sent to me for review from and you can get 100ml bottles for $18.

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