Day In The Life #4 – Children’s Museum – DJi Osmo Gimbal – Pumpkin Beer – IJOY Diamond VPC Kit

Today we went to the Children’s Museum in Denver, then we grabbed some Chipotle, and checked out a gimbal from the library.


  • 0:01 – Children’s Museum
  • 1:37 – DJi Osmo Gimbal Review
  • 6:12 – Pumpkinhead beer and Apricot e-juices
  • 9:23 – IJOY Diamond VCP Kit First Impressions

I did a quick review of the gimbal too, for anyone who might be interesting in buying one. In short, it’s awesome and you should get one.

After everyone went to bed, I paired one of my favorite beers with some e-juices. The beer is Pumpkinhead from Shipyard Brewing Co. and I paired it two excellent apricot e-juices, both from Vape Craft Inc.; Twelve Steps (apricot and honeydew) and Liquid Gold (mango, watermelon, apricot).

To close out the night, I opened up the IJOY Diamond VCP kit sent to me from It’s a very unique pod vape!

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