Hardware Review: Joyetech D19 Exceed Kit

The Exceed D19 Kit was went sent to me for the purpose of this review by HeavenGifts.com. This is beginner kit that comes with a small battery and a tank. You can get the kit for $27.44.


  • D19 Battery (1500 mAh battery)
  • D19 Tank (2ml capacity)
  • 0.5ohm Direct Lung coil head
  • 1.2ohm Mouth To Lunk coil head
  • USB cable
  • Bag of spare parts
  • Colors: Black & White, white, silver, black, dark orange

D19 Battery


The battery has all of the protections you’d expect – over-charging, over-current, and over-discharging. Joyetech has included two sets of battery protection circuits to make sure that there isn’t a failure for any of these issues.


This battery and tank is tiny at only 19mm in diameter. The 510 pin on the battery is spring-loaded and gold-plated. 5 clicks turns it on.

Two Modes: Direct Output and Constant Voltage Output

You can switch the modes by turning off the device and then holding down the firing button until the light ring changes color. Direct output will show a white light and constant voltage output shows an orange light. Joyetech doesn’t explain how each of these modes work, but I’m assuming they work like most devices that have modes like this.

Direct Output: Adjusts your voltage or wattage based on the amount of battery charge you have left in the device. So as the battery dies, the less power that gets delivered to your atomizer. It’s kind of like a mech mod. You get less vapor when the battery charge is low. This could be useful if the battery is low and you can’t get somewhere to charge. You’ll be able to eke out some more hits before it dies.

Constant Voltage Output: Will give you the same maximum voltage that it can no matter how much battery life is left. You’ll get a strong hit until the device dies. The one drawback here is that it can make your battery charge reduce faster.


The max wattage of the battery is 40 watts, but I think it adjusts based on the ohm reading of your coil because there’s no way the MTL coils could handle 40 watts. It’s probably optimized for each coil head. Using the 0.5ohm coil head, you are getting just above 35 watts. Those extra 5 watts are probably just there for variance because I’ve tried other tanks on here and they don’t work.

Light Ring

At the very top of the battery where the tank connects, there’s a light ring that lets you know the charge of the battery.

  • 60% – 100% charge, the light will stay lit
  • 30% – 59% charge, the light will slowly flash
  • 10% – 29% charge, the light will flash more often
  • 0% – 9% charge, the light will flash frequently

You can check power levels by pressing the fire button.


This charges using a regular mini-USB cable. Joyetech says you can charge using either a PC or a USB adapter. I always prefer to use a USB wall adapter to charge vape devices, but if they say it’s okay to use the USB port on your computer, it should be safe. The light will stay on while it’s charging and will turn off when it’s fully charged.

This does have passthrough functionality, which means you can vape it while it’s charging.

That’s about it for the battery. They’ve kept it very basic and easy to use, which caters exactly to the audience they’re marketing this to.

D19 Tank

The Coils

  • 1.2ohm coil head (best at 12 watts)
  • 0.5 coil head (best at 28 watts)

Side by side, the coil heads are designed nearly the same except that the wicking channels are larger on the 0.5 coil head and the diameter of the 0.5 coil head is much larger, allowing a lot more air to pass through.

I had no problems at all with wicking on either coil. Even the MTL coil head wicked max VG e-juice without any problems. I chain vaped and never got a dry hit.

Airflow Control

I’m not a big fan of the airflow control ring coming off because I worry that the rubber piece beneath it might tear. That might not actually ever happen, but it’s just a thought I had. Other than that though, the airflow control works great. It moves smoothly and hits a stop on each end, so you can’t just turn it indefinitely. There is only one airflow channel, but it seems to bring in just the perfect amount of airflow for the tank.

You have the option of using either the one large airflow hole, or the three tiny airflow holes next to it. The airflow works differently depending on the coil that you use.

The large airflow gives you an airy MTL vape with the 1.2 ohm coil head. If you switch to the three tiny airflow holes, it becomes very restricted and if you drop it down to only one tiny airflow hole, it’s extremely restricted.

With the 0.5ohm coil head, the large airflow slot is able to give you a slightly restricted lung hit. If you drop it down to the three small airflow holes, it feels as restricted as the 1.2ohm coil head does when it’s wide open, so it turns it into a Mouth To Lung draw. Any fewer air flow holes and it become really tight. You can still get a good mouth to lung hit on the 0.5 ohm coil head, but I think the 1.2ohm coil head works better for tight draw.

Each of the different airflow options have enough noticeable variance on both coils that I think they did a great job here. There’s a good option for whatever your preference is.

The coils are affordable too. The 1.2 ohm coil head costs $7.79 for a 5-pack and the 0.5ohm coil heads cost $8.65 for a 5-pack.

Filling the Tank

This is a top fill tank with decent sized fill holes, so you shouldn’t have any problems filling it up. The mouthpiece screws right off and makes it easy to fill. There’s also a rubber seal under the mouthpiece that prevents the tank from leaking from the fill holes The drip tip can’t be replaced, so that’s a small con.

This setup works great. You can get a nice strong hit at very low wattages. I get pretty good flavor and a lot of vapor too. I would have liked the 0.5ohm coils to heat up faster, but they still work nicely. I really prefer this setup for Mouth To Lung vaping anyway.

Final Thoughts
The device as a whole is sleek and tiny. The style and design is nice. It performs great. The flavor is good on both coil heads. Overall I’m really surprised at how well this tiny thing works.

Like I mentioned earlier, you can get the Joyetech D19 Exceed from Heaven Gifts for $27.44 or you can buy the parts separately. The battery by itself costs $16.20 and the tank by itself costs $12.64 each. So you can mix and match colors of tanks and atomizers if you want or you can get a spare battery.

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