La Manufacture E-Juice – Tobacco Flavor from France

La Manufacture was sent to me from a podcast subscriber of mine, Christy from North Carolina. I actually don’t know if she’s still a listener because I don’t do the podcast much anymore, but we talked a long time ago about our appreciation for unique tobacco vapes and she sent me a bunch of different great tobacco vapes.

La Manufacture is created by a company in Paris, France named Fuu.

I had to translate from French to English, which I rewrote, so there might be some things missed in the translation, but their description of La Manufacture says:

Created in 50/50, this recipe delivers a perfect “classic” taste that is both simple and complex. It’s rich but not too toasted, light but present, and caramelized without being too sweet. This e-liquid is balanced and aimed at those who seek an alternative to “classic” flavors that are too rich or too simple.

  • [euro] 6.50 per 15ml
  • Nic: 0, 4, 8, 12, 16
  • VG/PG: 50/50


I’m having trouble getting the tobacco out of the smell, but I can definitely smell that hint of caramel.


The tobacco is very, very light. When I exhale from my mouth I get more caramel and light tobacco. When I exhale from my nose I get more tobacco and less caramel, but I also get just a little bit of a floral flavor. That floral taste is barely noticeable though.


This is a great light caramel tobacco that I’ve found works best at low wattages in MTL tanks. For example, right now I’m using it in the Geekvape Ammit MTL RTA at 20 watts. This is 16mg regular nicotine e-juice, so I get a perfect throat hit with this setup.

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