The M Terk RDA Might Have a Weak 510 Screw


The M Terk RDA looks like a really nice RDA, but the 510 pin is made of thin copper, which turns out might be fairly easy to break.

Mark “Vapan Fagn” found this out personally and posted a picture on his Instagram page, which seems to have caused a bit of drama among his followers. Something to keep in mind for anyone considering it.

You can also see Mark talking more about what happened at about the 56-minute mark of this video:

Mark said that he wasn’t even being rough with it when it snapped. If you take a look at the 510 pin you can see why. It’s extremely thin. It’s about as thin as post screw. That probably wouldn’t be a problem with other types of metals but copper is a soft metal, which is great for conductivity, but it’s not very durable.

People are saying that Vape Amp, the company who makes the M Terk, should have used bigger screws for the 510.

Something worth noting here is that in this specific situation, Vape Amp firmly stood by the quality of their products. They were professional about responding to Mark Fagan’s Instagram picture of the broken product and sent him a replacement quickly.

If you’re still willing to risk a broken 510 or having to deal with a return, you can get the M Terk RDA at Vape Amp. They are little pricey though! It’ll set you back $90 for the black version and $95 for the red and black.

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