Review of the Freeton F-Resin Pro and F-Resin Max Disposables

Freeton sent the F-Resin Pro and F-Resin Max disposable devices to me for the purpose of review. These are disposable vapes designed with a resin finish.

F-Resin Pro Specs:

  • 4500 puffs
  • Size: 32.69mm x 24.12mm x 97mm
  • 12ml capacity
  • 2mg or 5mg salt nic

F-Resin Max Specs

  • 5000 puffs
  • Size: 32.69mm x 24.12mm x 109mm
  • 18ml capacity
  • 2mg or 5mg salt nic


If you’re a fan of resin designs, you’ll like the way these look. It’s a nice looking dark resin style. Both the F-Resin Pro and F-Resin Max look the same except that the F-Resin Max is a little longer because it holds more e-liquid.

These are big boxy disposables that seem to be going for a classy look. I think they look nice.

Adjustable Airflow

I think this might be the first time I’ve seen an adjustable airflow switch on a pod device. They’ve done it really well too. It slides back and forth and gives you the option to have 1, 2, or 3 small holes open. With all three holes open, it’s a loose tight draw. With one hole open, the change is noticeable. It’s still not super restricted but it’s close. I really like this feature.

Rechargeable Battery

This has 12ml of liquid in it so to make sure you get all of it, you need to be able to recharge it. It has a USB-C charging port so it charges fast.


Freeton sent me 8 different flavors to try so I’m going to go through each of those.

  • Aloe Grape – this is hard one to explain because it does seem an aloe grape mix but it’s so artificial that I wonder if I’m being influenced by the name into tasting those flavors. It’s good though. And extremely sweet.
  • Blue Razz – This is a very sweet blue raspberry flavor, also a really artificial flavor. It’s like a syrup you’d pour on top of a snow cone. This also seems to have a slight hint of ice to it.
  • Cool Mint – This is exactly like a sweet sugary piece of spearmint gum. It’s really minty so that ice is strong here. If you’re not used to minty vapes, you’re really gonna feel the ice in your throat with this one.
  • Energy Drink – this tastes like a traditional energy drink, like the original Red Bull. It has a slight medicinal cough syrup flavor on the exhale so it’s a little strange but if you like Red Bull, I think you’ll like this. It’s unique and I think pretty good.
  • Gummy Bear – This tastes just like a white gummy bear. The gummy bear flavor is light and the sweetness is strong.
  • Pink Lemonade – This seems to be a really common flavor in disposable vapes lately which I like. I love pink lemonade. This is one of my favorites of all that Freeton sent me. It’s like an over-sweetened pink lemonade and that’s how I like pink lemonade. It’s has the sweet and sourness of lemonade with a lot of sweet natural sugar. It’s really good.
  • Rose Litchi – This is a good sweet slightly floral lychee flavor.
  • Strawberry Banana – I was expecting this to be a typical strawberry banana smoothie but it’s actually more like a natural fruit strawberry mix. It has some extra sweetness added but it’s almost a little earthy, especially that strawberry. I like it.

Final Thoughts

These are some really nice disposables. The design is nice and classy rather than bright and flashy like a lot of vapes, so that’s a nice change. They’re a little bulky but I think it’s a good size for a device with a rechargeable battery and so much e-liquid. I really like the adjustable airflow too. And all of the flavors are pretty good, especially if you like really sweet vapes.

The F-Resin disposable vapes were sent to me for review from Freeton.

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