Review of the Oxbar Magic Maze 2.0

The Magic Maze 2.0 was sent to me for review. This is a significant upgrade over the previous version of the Magic Maze Pro, which was already a great device. This is a 30,000-puff device with adjustable wattage, adjustable airflow, a bright & colorful screen, and tons of flavors.

Design and Comparisons to the Magic Maze Pro

First, I need to point out that they have two styles of the Magic Maze 2.0. They sent me the Zodiac edition of their device, which is different from their main version. This model uses e-liquid from the Pod Juice company and rather than showing branding on the back, instead, you get a zodiac sign. I personally like the Zodiac style better, but it’s very minor.

The Magic Maze 2.0 has a similar design to the original, mainly with the checkered pattern look on a section of the device but otherwise has improved in several ways.

Here’s what the first model looked like (see my review of those here):

For example, the original had a solid color bottom section, making the device look sort of bulky, even though the base was the same size as the rest. The new model has kept the entire body the same style, which gives it a much sleeker and streamlined look.

The old model also had a small LED screen on the bottom. The Maze 2.0 has moved the screen to the entire side of the device, making it much larger, more colorful, and easier to read.

This new model is just slightly bigger, but the difference in millimeters is so small, it’s basically the same size. And that’s impressive because the Maze 2 has a much bigger screen, dual coils, and a lot more power. It also possibly has a lot more e-liquid. I don’t know that for sure because neither device states how much liquid is inside, but the Maze 1 provides 10k puffs whereas the Maze 2 does 30k puffs.

Those are the main differences between the two. Otherwise, Maze 2 has all of the original’s features.

The mouthpiece is clear and slim. It looks great, and it’s comfortable to use.

There’s a lanyard hole at the top. Oxbar didn’t include a lanyard with these, so you’ll have to use a different one if you want one.


The Maze 2.0 has a huge screen on the side of the device. It’s bright and colorful and tells you everything you need to know. It shows:

  • Battery Charge
  • Wattage Setting
  • E-liquid Level

Pressing the mode button lets you change the wattage to six different settings:

  • 12
  • 14
  • 16
  • 24
  • 26
  • 28

When you hit 24 watts, it goes into what they call Boost mode. This is why the Maze 2 has dual coils now. Going all the way up to 28 watts is huge. I’ve never seen a disposable device go that high. So if you want some huge hits, this will do it.

It’s important to note that the Maze 2 gives you 30k puffs if you’re in the lower wattage mode, but it drops to 15k puffs when you start using the Boost mode.

When you take a hit, a bar of light shines on the side of the device too.

Adjustable Airflow

There’s an adjustable airflow slider on the bottom of the device. It slides smoothly back and forth and lets you really fine-tune how you want the airflow.

With the airflow fully closed, you can get a very restricted hit, but I can tell it’s not really meant to hit like that. But you can if you like short hits. With the airflow wide open, you can get a restricted lung draw. It’s actually a pretty satisfying lung hit. And with the wattage turned all the way up, you can get an enormous hit from it. I like the airflow just slightly open for a good restricted Mouth to Lung draw.


These come in 50mg of nicotine. I don’t know if other levels are available, but that’s what they sent me and all I see on their website.

There are 15 flavors in all:

  1. Watermelon Mint
  2. White Grape
  3. Strawberry Watermelon Dragonfruit
  4. Strawberry Watermelon Peach
  5. Watermelon Gumdrop
  6. Strawberry Fudge
  7. Mr Bull
  8. Peach Blue Razz
  9. Sour Fruit Drops
  10. Pina Colada
  11. Kiwi Lime
  12. Sour Apple Ice
  13. Frosty Mint
  14. Blueberry Raspberry Lemon
  15. Passion Gaga

Zodiac Edition Pod Juice Flavors

The Zodiac Edition uses e-liquid from another company named Pod Juice, so those come in different flavors:

  1. Big Melons – Leo
  2. Blue Razz Cotton Clouds – Gemini II
  3. Blue Slushy Ice – Aquarius
  4. Clear Emerald – Scorpio II
  5. Clear Jewel – Virgo II
  6. Fruity Pebz – Gemini
  7. Jewel Mint – Taurus
  8. Juicy Bae Watermelon – Pisces
  9. Fab FCUKS – Capricorn
  10. Sour Apple Skitz – Scorpio
  11. Strawberry Lolly – Libra
  12. Strawberry Watermelon Dragonfruit – Aries
  13. Wap Drops – Virgo
  14. Watermelon Skitz – Sagittarius
  15. White Gummy Ice – Cancer

You’ll notice there are some extras for a few zodiac signs. There are only 12 zodiac signs, but there are 15 flavors, so if you’re a Gemini, Scorpio, or Virgo, you have two flavors to choose from if you want your sign.

They sent me three flavors to try, so I’ll give you my opinions on those:

Jewel Mint

This is a typical mint flavor. It’s not spearmint, just a regular mint. It has nice ice and tastes sweet.

Juicy Bae Watermelon

This is a nice, calm watermelon flavor. It’s smooth and slightly sweet. From what I can tell, there’s no ice here, so this is a good one for those of you looking for a disposable without ice.

Watermelon Skitz

This is another nice calm and smooth flavor. It’s watermelon but as the name would imply, sweeter and more like a watermelon candy.

Battery and Protections

You have a massive 900mAh battery inside, so that should last you at least a couple of days, maybe longer, before you need to recharge. They charge with a USB-C cable.

There’s also a child lock feature here. Hold the button for 3 seconds to activate the child safety lock, which prevents the device from firing and prevents you from changing the wattage.

Final Thoughts

The Maze 2.0 is awesome. I really liked the original model, and I like this upgraded version even more. I think the style of the device is better. I like the huge colorful screen, and going as high as 28 watts in a disposable device is amazing. The adjustable airflow works great. The flavors are really good, and you also have a ton of flavors to pick from—almost 30 with the two different models. It’s a great disposable vape.

The Maze 2.0 was sent to me for review from Oxbar.

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