Review of Sang Pétillant From Liquid Barn and DIY or Die

This was a really cool surprise that I wasn’t expecting. just sent me a sample size bottle of a new flavor they just released called Sang Pétillant. This is a one-shot concentrate from Wayne Walker of DIYorDie that took him three months to develop and it’s a part his Tastemaker Collection line.

If you look up the translation of the name, it translates to something along the lines of…blood of slightly sparkling wine. A French person commented on Wayne’s site saying that it translates to fizzy blood. But Sang Pétillant is actually described as a blood orange champagne flavor, or basically a mimosa.

I don’t normally drink mimosas, and actually, I think the first time I’ve ever had a mimosa was just a couple of months ago when I was in San Diego. So I’m no expert on mimosas, but I’ve had them recent enough to know the flavor.

Wayne says that he believes it’s one of his best recipes ever, so that says a lot about this one. He says the blood orange is a vibrant top note, but it isn’t obtrusive, and it’s infused into a sweet and dry champagne. On the end is a white grapefruit flavor.

Mixing It Up

Right on the bottle, it says the suggested starting percentage is 10%, so that’s what I mixed it at.

The description on Liquid Barn says that no steeping is needed, so I didn’t steep it all before testing.

The Flavor Test

I tested this mix using the Augvape V200 mod at 73 watts with the Wondervapeco RDA on top built at 0.23 ohms.

The blood orange flavor is definitely the prominent flavor here, which is great because that’s what I really wanted to get out of this.

There’s just a hint of that sweet and dry champagne, but there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of it. It’s also not very fizzy or bubbly like I was hoping, but it adds that really nice champagne taste to the overall flavor.

The last part of this flavor is white grapefruit, which Wayne says comes out in the end. I personally can’t taste it much, but maybe just a tiny bit. I don’t doubt that it’s contributing here but I cant totally pinpoint it.

Overall it’s a nice intricate flavor. I pretty much vaped the entire mix I made in just a few days, and I rarely vape a single flavor that much.

Learning To Mix Is Important Right Now

As many of you know, flavored e-juice is being targeted by lawmakers and could be banned. It’s already banned in San Francisco and other places are trying to do it too. Obviously, we need to keep fighting against stupid laws like this, but it might also be useful for you to learn the basics of DIY e-juice, because as it stands, making your own e-juice might be your only option to vape flavors.

So with one-shots like these, you don’t need to buy a bunch of flavors and follow recipes and I think they are a great intro to DIY. Just use a calculator to figure out your measurements based on your bottle size and throw it all together.

Where To Get It

Well, I hope this review was useful. You can pick up Sang Pétillant from in 15ml bottles for $2.99, 60ml bottles for $8.99, or a flavor cartridge for $9.99. The flavor cartridge includes the flavoring, a 60ml bottle, and a measurement card. It makes mixing super simple, but remember, you still VG or PG and nicotine.

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