E-Juice Review: Rogue by DIYVaporSupply.com – Apple Pie and Ice Cream

DIY Vapor Supply sent this to me for free for the purpose of review.

You can pick up Rogue from DIYVaporSupply.com.

I like the presentation of this line. The bottles have a nice classy label and the bottles are made of amber glass, which is the best glass you can use for storing e-juice because it blocks nearly all UV rays.

Product Specs

  • Nicotine: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg
  • Prices: 30ml for $14.95, 60ml for $29.95, 120ml for $39.95

What’s It Taste Like?

DIYVaporSupply.com hooked me up with a max VG bottle with 6mg nicotine. For the review, I used the iStick TC 100w at 65 watt, with the Omni RDA built at 0.36 ohms.

I couldn’t really pin down the flavor I was getting. DIYVaporSupply says that it’s an apple pie flavor with ice cream on top, but that’s not really what I was tasting. It has a very slight hint of apple and kind of like a pastry, but not like a baked apple pie. It kind of reminds me of those little apple pies that Wonder Bread makes.

I get a creamy flavor, which is probably where the ice cream description comes from, but it didn’t really remind me of ice cream either. It was sort of “candy-ish,” but not really like candy. And after several hits, I started to get a caramel flavor.

This one is weird. It’s not like anything I’ve ever tasted before.

The Bottom Line

I tried to get the flavors out of this that DIYVaporSupply said was in it, but I just couldn’t. I sorta got a slight resemblance of the apple and ice cream flavors, but honestly, it tasted like something different. But you know? I actually really liked it. The flavor profile of Rogue is so different and unique, that I really enjoyed it.

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