Steepd S1 Quit Kit Review

The S1 Quit Kit was sent to me for review from SteepdVapeCo out of the UK. Right now it’s only sold in the UK, but they do have plans to bring it to the U.S. So if you’ve never heard of Steepd before, and you live in the UK, check them out.

They also have some of the best e-liquid I’ve ever had (see the links for my reviews at the bottom of this page). Really unique flavors too.

But this review isn’t about e-liquid, it’s about their new device, the S1 Quit Kit.


  • Stainless steel body
  • Gold-plated brass 510 pin
  • Colors: Stainless Steel, Rose Gold, and Cyan
  • Price: 24.99 British pounds
  • 90 day Warranty

In the Box:

  • S1 Quit Kit Device
  • Spare glass tank
  • Two 1.5 ohm coil heads
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Spare o-rings
  • User manual


This is a super simple regulated tube device designed specifically for smokers looking to quit. There’s nothing really fancy about it, but I like the simplicity of it. The finish is really clean and I also like how much glass you can see on the tank. I know, that probably seems weird, but that large glass tank was one of the first things I noticed.

The device with the tank installed is 122mm in length, which is about 5 inches, and it’s 16mm in diameter, so it’s a little over a 1/2 inch. Overall, it’s pretty compact and really light too. This is probably the smallest vape pen-style device with this amount of power that I’ve seen. It’s nice.

It’s manufactured by UD out of China. I’ve never owned a UD device, so I can’t speak to their reputation, but they’ve been around a long time and I feel like they’ve always put out some reliable stuff. The S1 device looks very similar to UD’s Apro 16, with just slight differences, so it’s probably based on that device. And the Apro 16 had good reviews, at least from Vaping With Vic, so that’s good to know.

Drip Tip / Mouthpiece

The drip tip is just your plain old black POM plastic tip. It’s built into the top cap and doesn’t come out, so you can’t swap it out for anything else. But hey, it does its job.

And it’s perfectly aligned with the diameter of the chimney, so you aren’t getting extra or less airflow due to an oversized or undersized tip.

The Tank

The tank is a 2ml capacity tank, which makes sense because the S1 is sold by a UK-based company who has to abide by the TPD regulations of 2ml capacity tanks.

It’s a top fill tank, so you just unscrew the top and add e-juice.

It’s super easy. Steepd recommends that you use 50/50 vg/pg e-liquid for the best flavor. And that makes sense for better wicking on a tank like this too.

Since this is a kit for new vapers, and because they say 50/50 works best, I thought it was only fitting that I use a flavor that’s just a little more refined, so I picked Castle Long from Five Pawns. Castle Long is a sweet Kentucky bourbon, coconut, and vanilla e-liquid. This is an amazing e-liquid that I save for only special occasions where I crave it, which is why it’s so dark. I’ve had this bottle since 2017, and while people will usually say e-liquid only lasts for about a year, that’s not true at all for Castle Long. This tastes even better today than when I first got it.

Anyway, this is a 50/50 vg/pg ratio at 6mg nicotine and it vapes great. The flavor is really good, the throat hit is perfect even at only 6mg nicotine (and that’s probably because of the high PG ratio), and the tank wicks the liquid perfectly.

And even though they recommend 50/50, I also tried some of that Watermelon Rush Ice from Verdict Vapors (see my review here), which is a high VG e-liquid, so that would be somewhere around 90vg or so. I will say that high VG doesn’t wick as well, but I had to chain vape about 10 hits in a row before I noticed the wicking was a little slow. So yeah, 50/50 works best, and probably has better throat hit and flavor, but high VG should work fine too.

The tank has an adjustable airflow ring as well, and it comes off so you can clean behind it, which is really nice. But I like having an adjustable airflow on a beginner device because it lets you adjust it to your preferences.

You can tighten it down really tight and get a nice satisfying hit like that, but you can also get a lot of airflow if you open it wide up. And the airflow on this tank really surprised me. So for a really tight draw, I actually close the airflow all the way down. When it’s completely closed, you still get a little airflow, and it’s exactly how I like my tight draw to be. And what’s surprising about the airflow is how much you can get with it wide open. You can actually get a slightly restricted lung hit. So there are plenty of options there.

Coil Heads

In the box, you get two replaceable coil heads. One is pre-installed and there’s a spare in the box. These are 1.5-ohm coils, so that means they’re recommended to vape around 13-18 watts. They are definitely designed for low-wattage, tight-draw vaping.

These coils are also made with Ni80 wire, which really improves performance and fires fast.

Once the coil starts losing flavor, unscrew the old one, toss it, and put in a new one.

The coils are press-fit so you just push it into place at the bottom of the tank and it’s ready to go. The coils are really tiny, so if you have big fingers, it can be a little tough to get out. I’ve got skinny fingers, so it wasn’t really a problem for me, but you might need to use a little screwdriver or tweezers.


The S1 Quit Kit is super-simple and designed for beginners, so that means it has just one button and no other features. Five clicks turn it on and five clicks turn it off. And since this is for beginners, you might be a beginner watching this video, so I would always recommend turning off any device before throwing it in your pocket or bag because it’s really easy for a device to push up against something and start firing without you even noticing.


The battery is an 800mAh battery, so it’s decent. You aren’t going to be cloud-chucking with this thing because that’s not what it was designed to do, so with lower wattage vaping, you should get 2-3 days of heavy use out the battery before needing to charge it.

It charges at a max of 1amp, so that’s pretty slow. You can expect a fully dead battery to take a little over an hour to charge. But on the plus side, you can vape the S1 while it’s charging, which I know is a feature that a lot of people really like, especially if it’s your only device.


The S1 has a max voltage output of 4.8 volts. That means with the 1.5-ohm coil, you’ll be getting about 15 watts. I’ve found that around 15 watts is just about perfect for e-liquid with a strong throat hit, like high-PG liquid, or for high-nicotine, so the wattage of the S1 is a good choice here.

And the ramp-up time is super quick, which is always great because that drastically improves the satisfaction of the vape.

Final Thoughts

So that’s it for the S1 Quit Kit. 50/50 works perfectly in the tank, it wicks e-liquid great and I never get dry hits, there are plenty of options for airflow, and the flavor is very good out of the tank. The battery life is also good enough to get you through a couple of days.

Overall, I think it’s a really nice kit and perfect for a beginner or even a seasoned vaper just looking for a small device to carry around.

So I got this directly from, so this is something you’re interested in, check them out. You can get it for about 24.99 British pounds.

Thanks for checking out this review and I’ll catch you on the next one.

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