Switching from Smoking to Vaping with the Help of Stoptober

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Smoking is clearly harmful to health, and smokers will agree that quitting is easier said than done. Luckily, there are now lots of ways to quit smoking; two of the best ones being Stoptober and vaping, combining these two as the vaping industry has done, into Vapetober.

Read on to learn more about Stoptober, Vapetober, and how it might help you to in your smoking cessation efforts.

Digging Deeper into Stoptober

Stoptober is a 28-day “stop smoking” annual challenge that was started back in 2012 by Public Health England (PHE). This supports and encourages smokers in England and other parts of the U.K. to quit smoking.

This is based on the belief that if you can avoid smoking for 28 days, there’s a huge chance that you can quit smoking for good. Stoptober encourages smokers to avoid smoking starting from October 1 with the help of free resources available such as vapes.

The main objective? To motivate as many smokers as possible to quit smoking by giving them the resources they need to divert their attention as well as give them reasons why they should stop smoking for good. But then again, this is easier said than done. Good thing there are vapes that can help make the journey easier.

So what is Vapetober?

Vapetober is the vaping industries take on Stoptober. For people who have smoked for many years or even decades, going cold turkey or even quitting over a month just isn’t possible or realistic.

Another solution put forward by the vaping industry is to make the move from smoking to vaping. A great example of this is the recent Vapetober campaign by Mist.

Some smokers may be reluctant to try vaping, so campaigns like the one by Mist support people through this process by showing the benefits of switching, as well as video interviews with people who were also reluctant but did end up making the switch, and never looked back.

As well as saving money and the obvious long-term help benefits, here’s a fuller rundown of just some of the benefits of switching from smoking to vaping:

White teeth

One of the cool things about vaping is that it doesn’t give you tartar or plaque build-ups, unlike the usual cigarettes. In fact, it can even make your teeth whiter. Say goodbye to tar-stained teeth or scaling, because you’ll have a healthier gum and teeth health when you switch to vapes. Smile all you want, and for sure, you’ll get smiles in return.

Better hygiene

Why quit smoking and transition into vaping? Well, aside from removing any health risks, having clean and stain free-hands is also one of the reasons why you should do so. No longer do you have to deal with the smell you get from the smoke or any tobacco stains.

You’ll surely be more confident the next time you lean into a firm handshake. You’ll also have cleaner and better-smelling hair when you make the transition. The result? Running your fingers through your hair will be smoother than ever before!

Become a more productive person

Switching to vapes means a lot to your overall wellbeing. It’s not just about the physical benefits you get from it, but the mental and emotional ones as well. Knowing that you’ve made the switch gives you enough confidence to continue living a healthy life.

You’ll be more inclined to make healthier life choices such as eating right and exercising, and in the process, have the energy to do what you’d love to do!

Improved senses

Tobacco smoking is known to impair one’s ability to identify tastes and smells. In short? It impairs your senses. Making the switch to vapes not only brings back your senses, but you’ll also be more likely to improve them because of the fresher feeling you get from the cool sensation of inhaling a vape’s vapor.

Look younger

Tobacco smoking ruins your complexion because of the chemicals that enter your body. Smokers are more likely to have more lines on their face at a younger age. Transitioning to vape, however, stops this from happening, thus making you look younger and better looking.

Zero withdrawal symptoms

Quitting smoking abruptly leads to withdrawal symptoms. For sure, no one wants to be in this situation, so you better make the change slightly more gradual. Switch to vape for now and see the difference. You’ll notice that you’re feeling lighter and better without all the toxins that tobacco smoking gives you.

Social acceptance

You might have noticed that some people avoid you. One good reason why that is the case might be because you’re a smoker. Whether we like it or not, a negative stigma is imprinted on all smokers.

So if you’d want to be more accepted by people, you better switch to vaping. It’s not only about the stigma, but it’s also about having a more appealing personality – no tobacco smell and a cleaner overall look.

There’s no such thing as too late. Start the change within yourself and be passionate to do it consistently, no matter what it takes. It’s all about living life to the fullest and ensuring that you stay healthy and happy. You can achieve that when you open yourself to vaping.

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