The Latest Vaping News – The VapePassion Show Episode 14

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In this episode we discuss:

  • Securing Vape Gear From Kids
  • The United States Vapers’ Survey
  • Top tobacco control experts tell FDA to look at benefits of vaping before regulating
  • A big list of independent studies showing vaping is less harmful than smoking
  • ERF and AEMSA Update Research Citations list – now over 900 citations
  • Anti-Smoking Groups Telling Vapers that E-Cigarette Aerosol Contains Propylene Oxide
  • FDA’s Zeller: Let’s Reframe Debate to Focus on Nicotine
  • CEI Sues Over Illegal “Vapes on a Plane” Regulation
  • Inslee signs bill further regulating vaping in Washington State
  • These 19 Representatives Voted to Take Away Your Vaping Rights
  • The Ecig officially recognized in smoking risk reduction in France
  • Owners of Mall Kiosk Blame Kid For Vape That Exploded in His Face
  • Squonk Mods: The Vaping360 Guide to Squonking
  • $6.87 Fasttech White LED Flashlight w/ 510 Pin

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