The Latest Vaping News – The VapePassion Show Episode 20

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In this episode we discuss:

  • Vista Vapor’s Cotton Candy E-Juice (affiliate link)
  • Taste is subjective, but flavor is not
  • A Billion Lives Documentary Screened for Congress Members
  • Why A Billion Lives is Not on Netflix
  • The Last Straw: Anti-Tobacco Groups are Actively Promoting Smoking
  • Chairman Johnson Demands Answers from FDA on E-Cigarette Regulations
  • SAMPLE LETTERS – For Congress, State, Commissioners
  • This One Letter Can Save Our Entire Industry
  • Altria’s John Middleton Co. LLC Suing The FDA
  • Global Premium Cigars Sues FDA Over Regulations
  • InTheMix Podcast Ep. 37: Wayne’s response to complaints about looking for loopholes
  • Letter From Capella About FDA Regulations
  • Cubis RBA Screws Are Rusting
  • Professor Stanton Glantz makes an irresponsible and baseless claim about vaping risks
  • California Smoking Age Officially 21
  • Drip Club Ends Retail Sales in California
  • Zamplebox Starts Requiring ID Scans for Purchases
  • Is Your Driver’s License Making You Vulnerable to Identify Theft?
  • Providing your driver’s license could put you at risk of identity theft
  • Vape Shops Are the First Line of Defense for Battery Safety
  • Use TFA Champagne To Make A Fizzy E-Juice
  • Pros and Cons of Three Popular Pre-Filled Tanks
  • Mistic Ecigs Cartridge Recycling
  • Green Smoke Cartridge Recycling

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