VapeWild Releases Their Own Cigalike

VapeWild has a released their very own disposable cigalike.

They are calling it the E1, which stands for Everything-In-One. I’m not sure that name makes sense for a cigalike, but whatever.

It appears to be like any typical everyday cigalike you’d find on the market today, except that it uses VapeWild’s own e-juice. This is what makes it stand out from the rest and why I think it’s cool enough to talk about.

Most cigalikes have boring or terrible flavors, but VapeWild makes incredibly interesting flavors, which I think would make these cigalikes appealing to some people.

The nicotine strength is 18mg. That might sound high, but if you’ve ever used a cigalike, that’s not high at all for the wattage these things put out. In fact, 18mg might be too low, considering that companies like NJOY use 45mg nicotine in their own cigalike products.

Some people in the vape community dislike cigalikes, but I think they have their benefits. They are great affordable intro products before jumping into better, more satisfying devices. They are small and easy to carry around, they are cheap, and they can give you a quick nicotine fix without huge clouds. They have a lot of benefits in certain situations. I would never use one as my sole device, but I always like to keep one around.

The flavors they have right now are:

Check them out here.

They are about $6 which seems like a fair price. I hope to try some of these eventually. If you try them out, please let me know your thoughts.

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