Hardware Review: Wotofo Serpent Box Kit With Serpent Sub Tank

HeavenGifts.com sent this kit to me for free for the purpose of this review. You can get the full kit for $61.80 or you can buy the mod separately for $51.40 and the tank separately for $24.10

What’s Included In the Full Kit

  • Serpent 50W TC Mod
    • USB charging cable
    • User manual
  • Serpent Sub Tank
    • Spare glass tank
    • Two 0.5 coil heads (one installed, handles up to 40 watts)
    • User manual

Let’s talk about the mod first.

Serpent Box Mod Specs

  • 2000 mAh high discharge internal battery
  • Colors: Red, Green, Blue, Silver, Black
  • Aluminum Alloy
  • Wattage: 7w – 50w
  • Temperature Control: 200-600 Fahrenheit, 100-315 Celcius
    • Wires supported: nickel wire, titanium, and stainless steel
  • Resistance Range: 0.1 – 1 ohm in TC mode, 0.1 – 3.0 ohm wattage mode
  • 54.5mm tall, 43.5mm wide, 28.5mm screen side
  • USB slot for charging or firmware updates

Serpent Mod Build Quality

The quality of the device seems pretty good. The paint hasn’t shown any signs of wear over continuous use over the last month and half. The buttons are nice and clicky. The screen is bright and easy to read, and I haven’t had any issues with the 510 connection. As far as I can tell, it’s built well.

Serpent Box Size and Dimensions

The Serpent 50w mod is really tiny. It fits in the palm of my hand. It’s also extremely light.

It’s about 1 inch wide, it’s just slightly over 2 inches tall, and just under 2 inches from front to back.

This thing is tiny.


The display screen is on top where it’s nice and easy to see. I like the position of it. On the front of the device you have a fire button, up and down buttons, and the USB port used for charging and firmware updates.

You turn it on with 5 clicks of the fire button.

To enter the menu, press the fire button and the + button at the same time.

You can change the mode using the + and – buttons. You can change it to wattage, nickel wire, titanium, and stainless steel mode.

You can lock and unlock the power by pressing both the + and – buttons at the same time.

Mod Performance

It’s feels very comfortable in my hand. It’s small and comfortable. The way my pinky finger sits under the device helps to make such a small device feel secure in my hand.

It seems to fire at an accurate 50 watts as far as I can tell. I’ve also tested the temperature control features and its works just fine, so if you like temp-control, you’ll get in this device.

Battery Life

The battery is a 2000 mAh battery, which is about as good as a quality single 18650 battery.

If you’re familiar at all with using 18650 batteries, here’s a frame of reference – In terms of charge capacity, 18650 batteries are usually rated at 1500 mAh on the low end, 2000 mAh in the middle range, and 2600 mAh on the high end.

The Serpent Box has a fairly good amount of battery charge available.

If you vape this device at the max of 50 watts all the time, you’ll probably run the battery low over a day of regular use. If you vape at lower wattages it will stay charged longer.

Pros and Cons of the Serpent 50w Mod


  • The paint is nice. It looks good and shows no signs of wear yet
  • It’s tiny and easy to carry around
  • 50 watts is pretty good for such a small device
  • It has temperature control
  • The buttons are clicky
  • The screen is bright and easy to read
  • It has a 2,000 mAh battery which lasts the whole day
  • Internal battery charges with a USB cable
  • It’s a good device for a beginner or for someone looking for portability


  • 50 watts isn’t a lot
  • The 2,000 mAh battery probably wouldn’t last all day if you vape at 50 watts the whole time

Serpent Sub Tank Review


  • 3.5ml capacity
  • Gold plated 510 contact pin
  • Stainless steel tank with pyrex glass tank
  • 48.5mm height, 22mm width
  • Adjustable bottom airflow
  • Top fill
  • Anti heating drip tip
  • Peek Insulator (made in Germany)
  • Colors: Black
  • Coils: 0.5 coil (no more than 40 watts)

Disassembling the Tank

The tank is very easy to disassemble. There aren’t a ton of parts that you’ll forget how to put back together. The machine quality is nice as well. The metal of the tank is a bit thin, but it seems durable. I also haven’t had any issues with threading when screwing everything back together.

Serpent Sub Tank Coils

The coils install very easily. Just drop them into the base and screw them in. You also want to drop a few drops of e-juice into the coil before putting the tank back together, just to get the coil primed before vaping.

You will need to close the airflow holes before filling, otherwise the tank could leak from the airflow holes. Then take the top cap off and fill the tank. Let it sit for 30 seconds for the coil to saturate (if it’s a new coil) and you’re good to go.

0.5 ohm coils (included)

This coil performs very well for its ratings. At the max 40 watts, you don’t get a ton of vapor, but the flavor is quite good. I’ve also tried testing these coils above their rating of 40 watts at around 50 watts and they definitely start to get dry hits. So the rating is pretty accurate. Keep them at or below 40w.

I couldn’t find the official Serpent Sub coils anywhere when I got this tank a couple of weeks ago, but I’m seeing them show up on a few sites recently. I found them on VapeWild.com for $10.99 for a pack of 5 coils, VaporDNA.com for $11.99, and FastTech.com for $16.56. So they are starting to show up on some sites.

And according to Heavengifts.com (and from other sites I’ve read), KangerTech’s Subtank OCC coils and KangerTech’s SSOCC coils are compatible with this tank. The OCC coils are available in 0.5, 1.2, and 1.5 ohm coils and the SSOCC coils are available in 0.5, and 0.2 ohms, and 0.15 ni200 and SS 0.5 ohm coils.


The tank has no problems with the coils soaking up e-juice quickly. I typically use 70vg or higher e-juices and haven’t noticed any issues with getting a dry hit when chain vaping.

Filling the Tank

Filling the tanks only requires that you unscrew the top cap and pour in your e-juice. The only thing you have to be careful about here is that you don’t pull the glass off of the deck while there is still e-juice in the tank, otherwise it’ll pour out. The glass seems fairly secure on the o-ring so I haven’t had any problems with that but I could definitely see it happening to someone.

Another problem that I’ve had is that the top cap gets really tight and can be hard to get off. A few times I’ve had to really crank on it while trying to be careful not to break the glass. So if you get this tank, try not to screw the top cap down too tight and also try to screw the tank onto the device by the glass or the base of the tank, rather than the top cap.


With the airflow wide-open, you get a pretty good amount of airflow. It’s about what you’d expect from a sub-ohm tank. The airflow is nice and doesn’t feel too restricted.

If you like a more restricted draw, you can close the airflow down quite a bit too, but you can’t mouth-to-lung on this tank. Lung hits only.

I’ve found that if you close down the airflow in just the right spot, you will get some whistling, but it’s only a small spot and every other airflow level is fine.

Drip Tip

The drip tip has one wide o-ring which keeps it pretty secure in the tank. I haven’t had any issues with it falling out, even after it gets soaked with e-juice.

There’s nothing special about the drip tip. It provides a good amount of airflow and works just fine for this tank. You can also easily replace it with one of your own drip tips since it has a standard 510 diameter.

Tank Performance

The performance I get from the tank is pretty good. The 0.5 ohm coil that it comes with works great at their recommendations of less than 40 watts. The flavor is also really good.

I haven’t noticed any issues with the tank getting hot after chain vaping.

The one drawback that I’ve found is that it leaks a little. This is a common issue with many tanks, so it’s not surprising, but it something to be aware of. It doesn’t leak a lot and nowhere near enough to keep me from carrying it around in my pocket, but you will probably have to wipe it down every once in a while.

Pros and Cons of the Serpent Sub Tank


  • You can only do lower wattage with included coils, which means if you like a warmer vape, you can get that
  • The top cap can be pretty hard to take off
  • The glass could easily come off with the top cap off and e-juice could spill out
  • It leaks a little from the airflow holes, not a lot though


  • Good flavor
  • Easy for a beginner
  • There aren’t a lot of parts
  • The coils are easy to install
  • It’s top fill
  • The coils perform very well and have no problems wicking
  • Supports Kangers OCC Coils

Overall Thoughts of the Kit

It’s very basic kit with everything you need to get started without a lot of complicated features. The device only goes up to 50 watts, so this isn’t for the cloud chasers out there, but if you like to vape at low wattages, this is a nice setup.

This is also a very nice kit for portability if that’s something you’re looking for because it’s so small. This is something I’d definitely take out with me to an event like a concert because it’s so portable, it holds plenty of charge, has great flavor, and is really easy to use.

Thanks again to HeavenGifts.com for sending this kit to me for review. You can get the full kit for $61.80 or you can buy the mod separately for $51.40 and the tank separately for $24.10

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