Review of the Yocan Groote

The Groote was sent to me for review from Yocan. You can check out the Groote at This is super tiny mod designed to run those long thin 510 atomizer tanks, mainly cartridges filled with medicinal products.


  • 350mAh battery
  • Size: 60mm tall, 28mm wide, 14mm thick
  • Colors: Blue, Black, Blue/Black Gradient, Blue/Purple Gradient, and White
  • Price: $23.99


The Groote is a lot like the Yocan Wit as far as functionality goes, but the main difference is the size. The Wit is super tiny, and so is the Groote, but the Wit is short and wide, while the Groote is taller and skinnier. So between the two, the choice you make will probably depend entirely on the size you’re looking for.

As far as looks go, the Groote is pretty nice.

It’s got some nice lines on the panels, the e-liquid window is some sharp angles, and overall it’s nice. Nothing crazy, but looks good. There’s also a hanging hold on the top that you can use to connect to a lanyard or keyring.

Atomizer Connection

An atomizer doesn’t come with the Groote because this is designed to use with pre-filled cartomizers, and like I said earlier, the kind that is usually filled with medicinal e-liquid. The Groote can hold a tank between the sizes of 9mm to 11.5mm so you could use nicotine-based products too if you have a tank that small.

When you have a tank that fits, you need to attach the included magnetic 510 adapter.

That magnet allows the atomizer to make an electronic connection with the device, so be very careful not to lose the adapter or accidentally toss it in the trash when your atomizer is empty.

I didn’t have a tank when I first got this, so I went to a local dispensary and bought a refillable tank from a company named Dop (dope) AF. I’ve never heard of this company before, but the tank works great here.

I’ve also tested this using a cigalike cartomizer with 510 threading, and that seems to work well too.

Not all cartomizers have 510s, but I have a bunch of them from Mimic Ecigs, so it’s really cool that I can use them here.

Since the device is designed to hold a tank between the sizes of 9mm to 11.5, most tanks you put in here are going to sit at a bit of an angle, but because of the size of the magnetic adapter and the strength of the magnet, the tank doesn’t rattle around or anything, so it works well.

Another useful feature of the Groote is the liquid window on the side of the device so that you can see how full the tank is. It’s on both sides, so it’s convenient.

10 Second Preheat

Like other Yocan products, the Groote has a preheat feature. You’re probably not going to use this with regular nicotine e-liquid, but if you want to prime your next hit with a little heat, just hit the power button twice fast and the Groote will preheat for 10 seconds. I don’t know how much voltage it’s delivering, but it doesn’t seem to be enough to have to worry about a dry hit. And you can turn it off before the 10 seconds are up if you hit the power button twice fast again.

Voltage Settings

There are three voltage settings, which seems to be rare for these types of devices. At least that’s what it seems like from my own searching online, but to be fair, I don’t have a lot of experience with these types of devices. And even in the nicotine-based vaping world, you don’t see a lot of adjustable settings on devices this small. So it’s cool that Yocan built in those voltage settings.

To change the settings, hit the fire button three times fast and you can cycle through each one. The LED light around the button will indicate your setting. The white light is low, the blue light is medium, and the green light is high.

The manual doesn’t explain how much voltage each mode is pushing, but they clarified via email that the voltage settings are 2.5v, 3v, and 3.5v.


The Groote has a non-removable 350mAh battery. That seems about right for a device so small. This isn’t designed for big hits, so you probably won’t need a big battery, but you can expect to need to charge this every day or maybe multiple times per day depending on your usage.

To charge the device, plug it into the micro USB cable that comes in the box. It’ll take 30 minutes to fully charge, so it’s pretty fast.

You can vape it while it’s charging, and the box says that the Groote has pass-through functionality, but the user manual says not to vape while it’s charging. So it does work, but I would recommend not doing it if you can help it.

Final Thoughts

I really like the Groote. I think it looks great, I like how tiny and compact it is, and I like that it has adjustable voltage settings. And even though it’s super tiny, the firing button is in a comfortable place and it’s easy to fire. It’s been great to use.

This was sent to me for review from and you get it from them for $23.99.

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