Apollo E-cigs FAQ Ejuice Line Review

The FAQ line was sent to me for review from ApolloEcigs.co.uk. I’m not really sure what the theme of the line is because the flavors all seem so different to me but I think it might be sweet and fruity in general.

You can get it from the UK store if you’re in the UK or from the U.S. store if you’re in the states. There are five flavors in this line so let’s go through each one.

Coney Apple

This is described by Apollo as a crispy green apple dipped in caramel.

This one had me a little worried at first because it smells like apple liquor so I thought it might have an alcohol taste but none of that comes through in the flavor. It’s a really good sweet apple and caramel flavor. I don’t know why, but I was expecting an authentic caramel apple flavor, but this is actually like those caramel apple suckers. I loved those when I was a kid. So yeah, this one is pretty good to me.

This was sent to me from Apolloecigs.co.uk and you can get 50ml short-fills from them for £13.49 and 10ml 18mg nic shots for £2.45. If you’re in the U.S. you can get 60ml bottles  for $13.95 or 120ml bottles for $18.95 in 0, 3, and 6mg nicotine from apolloecigs.com.

Funky Monkey

This has flavor notes of strawberries, bananas, and kiwi. Apollo says its a creamy, sweet, and fruity blend of ripe bananas mashed with strawberries with just a touch of tart kiwi.

The strawberry and banana are really easy to taste here. Those flavors come out nice and clear. I can’t pull the kiwi out of this but it’s definitely doing something in here though because this isn’t just a typical strawberry-banana liquid. It has this really unique twist to it. And it’s really sweet too. This flavor is very good.

Green Party

This one has notes of green apple and kiwi. Apollo says it’s like sour green apples and fresh tart kiwis with a blend of both sweetness and sourness.

This is very clearly a green apple flavor. I can’t clearly get the kiwi here but kiwi is such a light flavor that it’s always hard to taste. But this is definitely not just a basic green apple. That kiwi puts a really interesting twist into the mix. It’s a tart but very sweet flavor and I like it a lot.

Guava Blast

This has notes of guava and lemongrass. Apollo says it’s a tropical fruit mix with natural guava and just a splash of lemongrass. Interestingly, they say that it can taste like strawberry, pear, or mango to some people. And then they say it’s like biting into fresh papaya. That’s a lot of things so I’m not really sure what you might get out of this one.

Personally, I never eat guava and I’m actually not even sure if I’ve ever had it before so I can’t say for sure how close this is to the real thing. But my guess is this is more of a guava candy flavor because it’s really sweet. I’ve never had lemongrass either so I can’t tell you how that’s contributing either. But this is really, really good. I like it a lot. I think they’re kind of right when they describe it as possibly guava, strawberry, pear, papaya, and mango. I can see all of those things in here. It’s really unique, sweet, and good.

Miss Samoa

This has notes of cookie, caramel, chocolate, and toasted coconut. Apollo says it’s basically like crispy warm and chewy Samoa cookies. They say it has caramel syrup, lots of chocolate chips, and a hint of toasted coconut.

I think this tastes just like Samoa cookies. It’s good. I get the cookie, caramel, and definitely the toasted coconut. The chocolate is a little hard to taste under that coconut but it must be there for this to taste so much like the real cookie. If you like Samoa cookies, I think you’ll like this.

Final Thoughts

Ok, that’s it for the FAQ line. There wasn’t one flavor in this line that I didn’t like. I really liked them all.

These were sent to me for review from Apolloecigs.co.uk and you can get the FAQ e-juice line for £13.49 for 50ml short-fill bottles without any nicotine from apolloecigs.co.uk. If you’re in the US, can get the FAQ e-liquid line from apolloecigs.com in 60ml bottles in nicotine strengths of 0, 3, and 6mg for $13.95.

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