Aspire Has Changed The Cell They Use For Their 18650’s

See, now this is why it’s so good to have someone like Mooch in the vaping community testing batteries for us.

Originally, the Aspire 18650 was rated fairly highly by Mooch. At some point, Aspire started wrapping lower quality cells. They have new wraps that no longer have current ratings, which is ridiculous because now a user has to go to the Aspire website to figure out what their battery is rated at. Not that wraps are ever accurate, but we should at least have a point of reference.

Mooch says that this new version will still hit really hard for the first few draws, but then the voltage drops quickly after that. His new rating for it is 25a and 1800mAh. Not too bad, but he says that the Sony VTC5A is a much better option.

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