BLVK Ello Plus Disposables Review

The Ello Plus disposables were sent to me for review from BLVK. BLVK is known for creating some of the best premium e-liquids on the market. And if you use disposables, you know that e-juice becomes much more robust and flavorful in disposable devices. So as you can imagine, you’ll get the best BLVK flavor possible here.


  • 5% nicotine
  • 12ml of liquid
  • 6000 puffs
  • 12 flavors
  • The price is around $12.99


BLVK has always put a lot of effort into the look of its brand. Their packaging always looks premium, modern, and artistic. And you can see that here with the Ello Plus devices. They look awesome.

The body is matte black, with a soft rubbery feel, and the lettering and branding are slightly raised, so they didn’t just put a cheap print on here like a lot of disposables have. And at the top of each device is a bright solid color, coated in transparent shiny plastic. These colors look amazing paired with the black body.

The very top of the mouthpiece has a thin clear layer, and there’s a little bit of coloring mixed in at the airflow hole to give it a bit of accent, which is a very nice touch.

The design is top-notch. These are probably the best-looking disposables I’ve ever seen.

And as far as size goes, these are about 3 ½ inches tall, 1 ½ inches wide, and about ¾ inch thick.


The Ello Plus comes with 12ml of liquid, so that’s great. They say you should get 6,000 puffs from each one. That’s a lot in these little things. BLVK liquids are all made in-house in their Southern California headquarters. These come in only 5% nicotine options, and they use tobacco-free nicotine.

Adjustable Airflow

We still don’t see adjustable airflow on many disposables, so I’m happy to see that here. I think that’s a massive benefit for any device. The airflow is on a slider and allows you to open either one or two holes. You can’t close it off entirely, which is interesting. There’s a stopper on the airflow that prevents you from closing both. It’s clearly a design choice, and I think it’s a smart one because it prevents you from closing it off too far and taking a hit and flooding the device or burning out the coil.

With a single airflow hole open, you get a very restricted draw, and with two holes open, it’s still a mouth-to-lung hit, but you get significantly more airflow. And you can fine-tune that airflow between the two holes to get the type of hit you like. The airflow control works well.


There are 12 flavors in the Ello Plus line. BLVK sent me 10 but didn’t have two flavors in stock when they shipped the order, so the two I couldn’t review are American Tobacco and Blue Slushi. So let’s go over what they sent over.

Bruce Chee

This is a candied lychee and ice. The lychee is nice, strong, and sweet, and the menthol is light. That menthol ice is a great touch here. It pairs really well with lychee, and I like that it’s not overwhelming.

Bubba Melon

This is a pairing of watermelon and bubblegum with hints of ice. I think it’s easiest to describe it simply as a piece of juicy watermelon gum. I don’t get much ice at all in this one. If it’s here, it’s super light. Either way, this flavor is delicious.

Coco Melo

BLVK describes this as a tropical coconut delight with subtle hints of vanilla. This is way different than I expected. It’s definitely coconut, but it’s more like a sweet toasted coconut. I’ve never had a coconut delight dessert, so maybe that’s what it tastes like. It’s kinda like a coconut cookie. Those vanilla hints are light and add a nice touch.

Cool Grapple

This is a mix of grapes and apples with a touch of menthol. I get mostly grape and menthol. I’m not tasting much of the apple flavor here. The grape is a sweet grape, like a soda grape. Overall, it’s a nice grape flavor.

Havana Tobacco

This is a Cuban cigar flavor. It’s unique. It has that tobacco-ness you’d expect but not like a cigarette. It’s a rich and earthy dark tobacco, which reminds me of pipe tobacco. And there’s no sweetness here. I’ve never had a Cuban cigar, so I can’t tell you how well it compares, but I think if you like earthy tobacco, you’ll like it.

Icy Tundra

This is a smooth spearmint flavor with menthol. It tastes like sweet spearmint gum and has extra menthol for an additional ice kick. It could be the spearmint here, but this flavor seems even more mentholated than the other ice flavors in this line, which make sense. The menthol isn’t as strong as I expected based on the name, but it’s still prominent.

Kiwi Bang

BLVK describes this as a candied orange and crisp kiwi with an ice kick. I love the orange citrusy flavor here. The kiwi is light, but you can taste it on top of the orange. It’s a great combo; that light menthol makes it very refreshing.

Strawberry Swirlz

This is a very light and refreshing frozen strawberry ice cream. It’s a lot like a strawberry smoothie or milkshake. It’s smooth, sweet, and tasty. This is in their dessert line and doesn’t have any menthol.

Tropic Thunder

This is described as a tropical mixed fruit blend with heavy menthol. This is clearly a tropical fruit flavor, and it does have that menthol kick, but the menthol isn’t as heavy as they lead on. It’s a little light. But that’s not a problem because I don’t want an overwhelmingly strong menthol hit. I think it’s the perfect amount of menthol on top of that fruit mix. It’s nice and sweet. And as a fan of the movie this is named after, I can’t help but love it!

Vanilla Swirlz

This is described as having custard overtones and creamy vanilla undertones. I absolutely love this one. It’s one of the tastiest vanilla flavors I’ve ever had. It’s super smooth and creamy. It’s a lot like a rich vanilla ice cream or a vanilla milkshake.

So that’s the flavors! I liked all of them.


The last thing to mention here is the battery. You have 12ml of liquid in each device, which is a lot, so you need a rechargeable battery to get everything out of it. I don’t know what size the internal battery is, but I’m getting plenty of battery life from these – about a day’s worth with regular use. They recharge using a USB-C cable too, so they charge fast.

Final Thoughts

I’ve always been a big fan of BLVK liquids, so I was excited to try these disposables. And I’m not disappointed. I like these a lot. These flavors taste premium, they’re all delicious, and the flavor is nice and strong. The devices themselves work great too. They’re small, hold a ton of liquid for their size, and the adjustable airflow works really well. And, of course, I have to mention the design. The aesthetics here are beautiful. These look good in your hand and on your table. I liked everything about these and can’t think of anything I don’t.

I don’t know the official MSRP for these, but I see them online in various places for around $13 or $14 each, which is super-affordable. I’m surprised at how affordable these are.

The Ello Plus disposables were sent to me for review from BLVK. Learn more about them here.

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  1. The BLVK Ello Plus Disposables are simply fantastic! I recently tried them out, and I must say, I’m thoroughly impressed. The flavors are on point, and the convenience of a disposable device makes it so easy to enjoy a satisfying vape experience on the go. The sleek design and long-lasting battery life are definite pluses. It’s perfect for anyone looking for a hassle-free vaping option without compromising on taste or performance. Kudos to BLVK for creating such a fantastic product! Highly recommended!


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