Cigpet Eco12 First Impressions

About a week ago I received the Cigpet ECO12 for review from

I opened it the day I got it and I’ve been vaping it non-stop (about a week now). It’s an awesome tank.

This is appears to be very similar to other very high-wattage tanks like the Smok TFV12 and from what I’ve been hearing, it performs nearly identical. I don’t own a TFV12, so I can’t say for sure. The Cigpet ECO12 comes from Cigpet, which is a sister company of iJoy, so it might be more similar to iJoy’s Maxo V12.

I’m almost positive all of these guys are using the same coils. They even use the same naming conventions, such as T12, Q4, and X4.

The design is a little different than the rest, but the one big difference here is that this tank will also support T14 and T16 coils. Yup. that’s up to 16 coils in one coil head. The T16 can handle up to 400 watts.

That’s crazy!

The T14 and the T16 weren’t included with the tank but that’s ok because I don’t even have a device that can fire 400 watts! Does anybody? The only device that I think can do it is the Smok Power Engine (did this ever come out? I can’t find it anywhere and Smok took their page down from their website). The iJoy Maxo Quad mod can do 315 watts, so that’s closer.

Anyway, these coils can handle 400 watts if that’s something you’re interested in.

I’ve been using the T12 coil, which has been working great. Tons of vapor at 200 watts and the flavor is pretty damn good.

It’s also comes with a really cool resin drip tip, which Cigpet says are unique to every person. None are alike due to the unique manufacturing process.

It’s on pre-order right now from for $34.90, which seems like a great deal to me. That’s about $15 less than Smok’s TFV12, so if it is indeed nearly the same thing, you might as well get the Cigpet.

Full review coming soon!

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