Using the VapShot to Vape Alcohol

Video Transcript:

Lewis Hilsenteger, or Lew, is a popular YouTube reviewer outside of the vaping space. His channel is called Unbox Therapy and he usually reviews new and interesting products, mostly new technology and unique products. He’s a fun reviewer to watch and other people seem to agree because he’s got 7.5 million subscribers.

A few weeks ago he reviewed a product called the VapShot.

The VapShot is basically an extremely expensive device used to vape alcohol. It looks really heavy duty and well-built and I guess that’s why it costs $1,300.00.

Yeah, freaking expensive!

How It Works

The device has a small reservoir that holds your liquor. The VapShot can vaporizer a minimum of 80 proof and up to 190 proof. You fill up the reservoir, turn on the machine, and the unit converts the liquor into vapor without heat or chemical reactions (meaning no propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, or any other additive).

It has a a pressurized gun powered by a small air compressor which connects to a special cap on top of what looks like a plastic soda bottle. You fill up the bottle with alcohol vapor and when you’re ready you pop the top, put your straw in the bottle, and inhale the vapor.

Is It Safe?

I know that a lot of people within the vape community are going to frown upon this, but I think it might actually be a good idea.

Alcohol isn’t very healthy for us, despite the commonly held belief that one glass of red wine is healthy for the heart. That’s actually no longer suggested by health experts. Even if there are some potentially beneficial ingredients in wine, or any other alcohol, the negative effects that alcohol has on our bodies outweigh those benefits.

I’m not trying to say that you shouldn’t drink if you want to. I drink too. But what if there was a safer way to consume alcohol, much like how we have found a safer way to consume nicotine?

According to the makers of the VapShot, that’s actually what it does. Vaping alcohol allows the user to minimize the negative aspects that drinking alcohol has on your body, while still giving you a buzz. They also say that vaping alcohol could reduce drunk driving incidents, fewer alcohol-related auto accidents, and overall save lives.

Research Shows That You Can Sober Up Quickly With the VapShot

The makers of the VapShot claim that it’s a safer alternative to drinking because alcohol vapor is absorbed by the body much faster than by drinking it.

An authorized Department of Transportation testing organization has actually tested the effects of the VapShot.

Using 190 proof alcohol, they tested a man and a woman. The woman consumed a 1L bottle of Vaposhot and tested at an alcohol level of 0.050 after 1 minute, then 0.00 after 30 minutes. The man consumed two 1L bottles and tested at an alcohol level of 0.062 after 1 minute, then 0.00 after 30 minutes.

This test that proves two things; one, that Vapshot actually works to give you buzz, and two, that the buzz leaves your body within 30 minutes. It can take anywhere from 3 to 6 hours for liquid alcohol to break down.

Research Also Shows That Alcohol Is Safe to Vape

Another benefit of vaping alcohol is that it’s absorbed by the lungs quickly. Liquid alcohol on the other hand needs to travel through the small intestine, the pancreas, and the liver, which is hard on your body and the organs it passes through.

You might be wondering about the safety of inhaling alcohol vapor. They’ve tested this too.

Using OSHA’s safety level standards for ethyl alcohol, they found that consuming one Vapshot every 10 minutes for 7 hours straight would be nearly 3x less harmful than OSHA’s safety standards.

And if you’re still not convinced, consider why breathalyzers are used to test alcohol levels. It’s because liquid alcohol is absorbed into your bloodstream and transferred to the lungs and ever other organ in your body. Alcohol is in your lungs when you drink and breathalyzers are the easiest way to detect it.

It Works and I Want One

I was skeptical about all of this after watching the Unbox Therapy review, but it seemed to work to get them a buzz. That’s going to be the most important part of the product for most people.

After digging into the information about vaping alcohol, I believe that this could actually be a much better alternative to drinking. Imagine being able to get buzzed or even drunk throughout the night, then all you have to do is wait 30 minutes to sober up and head home.

That’s pretty amazing.

I’d never pay $1,300 for something like this, but I sure as hell want one. This looks awesome.

It’s a cool product and I’d probably get one if something like this comes out 5 years from now for around $100. I would never replace drinking alcohol with it, because part of the fun of drinking is sipping on a drink. And also because I love craft beer and you can’t vape beer with this. But I could see myself using something like this with friends.

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