E-Juice Review: Black Note’s Forte – Burley Tobacco

I received Forte from Black Note for the purpose of this review. Black Note also contributed an article to my blog if you want to learn more about their tobacco e-juices.

Description: Rich and smooth Burley tobacco. Cultivated in volcanic Italian soil, the tobacco is sun-ripened, shade-cooled and bursting with full-bodied flavor.

  • Sold in 30 ml bottles
  • VG/PG ratio: 50/50
  • Extracted in Italy, Bottled in California
  • Free 1-3 business day priority shipping within the United States

Smell and Taste

It has a very light tobacco smell that reminds me of something like wood or paper.

I used the CSMNT RDA built at 0.34 ohms with dual Clapton coils on top of the Smok Alien at 80 watts.

This is like a cross between cigarette tobacco and pipe tobacco, but more like cigarette tobacco. It actually tastes similar to the way unlit cigarettes smell – like paper and tobacco. It’s really mild and doesn’t have a lot of flavor, but from what I understand from looking up burley tobacco on pipe tobacco forums, that’s what burley is supposed to taste like. It’s really mild and smooth and has no sweetness. It tastes natural. It’s pretty good.

I’ve seen that people say it tastes like American Spirits, so if you’re looking for a good transition from cigarettes to vaping, this is probably a really good option. When I was a smoker, I used to toast my cigarettes with a lighter before smoking them. I used to love that smell and this reminds me exactly of that.

Where To Get It

You can get this in 30ml bottles for $29 from blacknote.com. It’s a little pricey, but this is Naturally Extracted Tobacco, and NET e-juices are harder to make and use more expensive ingredients, so it’s common for them to be a little expensive. If you’re unsure of dropping $29 on this, I recommend buying their Ensemble sample pack for $59 instead. You’ll get six 10ml bottles of every one of their flavors so that you can try them all out and find the flavors you like best.

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