E-Liquid Review: The Mastery Vape Sub-Ohm Line

MasteryVape.com sent this e-liquid to me for the purpose of this review. They gave me a discount code for 20% off too, so use the code VAPEPASSION if you order.

So first things first, let’s talk about the labels, which I really like. They’re just classy. Nothing flashy. No bright colors. Just a professional and descriptive label. On the label, they also show the nicotine level, bottle size, warnings, VG/PG ratio, flavor profiles, and what I find really unique, is that they have interesting facts on each bottle.

When Mastery reached out to me, they mentioned that their brand isn’t just about helping people to improve their health, but also in helping people to improve their overall quality of life. I think that’s what they’re aiming for here with these facts. It almost reminds me of all of the neat things printed on those Dr. Bronner soap bottles. I’ll discuss the facts more as I talk about each flavor later.

They also have a sort of mantra, which is also printed on every bottle. So this mantra says: “Think with caution: Your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions, your actions become your habits, your habits become your values, and your values become your destiny.”

I can’t disagree with that! It’s definitely something worth thinking about every day. You probably have a different takeaway from that quote depending on where you’re at in life, but for me at this point in time, it means to think positively, treat people with respect, and be a role model for my daughter. I love that this is printed on the bottle as a constant reminder.

They sent me their sub-ohm line, which has four flavors. These are 70VG/30PG mixes and they come in 30ml bottles for $9.95 and 60ml bottles for $17.99. They come in nicotine strengths of 0, 3, 6, and 12

Alright, let’s talk about each flavor.

Woke E-Liquid

Mastery describes this as a sweet iced caramel, coffee, and cream drink.

Smell: Just like it’s described – like very sweet caramel and just a bit of coffee.

Taste: The taste is opposite of the smell. The coffee is much more prominent than the caramel. The coffee is like a regular medium to dark roast coffee, sweetened slightly and with a hint of caramel. I love the taste of coffee and I love coffee flavored e-liquids, and I think this one is pretty true-to-life. I like it.

The life tip on the bottle says: “Did you know humans have an estimated 65,000 thoughts every day, and an estimated 95% of them are unconscious coming from your subconscious mind which is usually programmed negatively?
It isn’t our fault, but we’ve been programmed our whole lives by our surroundings and opinions of others. Once you become aware of this, you start to become really careful about what you think about. WAKE UP, take control of your thoughts, and stop letting your thoughts control you.”

Mindset E-Liquid

Mastery describes this as ripe strawberries, pears, honey, and a hint of lime.

Smell: In the smell, I get mostly the strawberry aroma and lime. I can’t really smell the pear or honey. But that strawberry-lime blend smells really good.

Taste: The blend of all of these different flavors combine to make a really unique e-liquid. I can taste all of them in this liquid. Lime seems to be the most prominent at first, but after a few hits, the sweet strawberry peach takes over and put the lime in the background. The peach, strawberry, and lime have combined for a really unique twist. Then I get that honey flavor on the end. The honey is really light, but I can get it when I know to look for it. This is a really good flavor.

The life tip on the bottle says: “Everything in life begins and ends in our mind. As humans, we hold the greatest power of all – the ability to choose what we think about. What we think, we become. With practice, we can train our brain to subconsciously work for us rather than against us. The physical body has limits, the mind does not. Unleash your power, lift the limits off of yourself, and elevate the quality of your life. “Our thoughts, our feelings, our dreams, & our ideas are physical in the universe. That if we dream something, if we picture something, it adds a physical thrust towards realization that we can put into the universe.”

Passion E-Liquid

Mastery describes this as a blend of orange cream, strawberries, coconut, and watermelon.

Smell: The smell of the coconut is so strong that it almost smells like a concentrated essential oil. I think I can smell the strawberries, but that’s about it.

Taste: This one tastes mostly like a coconut flavor, with just a slight hint of strawberries and watermelon. I can barely taste the orange cream at all. I feel like I might be getting that orange cream with the coconut, just because there’s a slight bit of citrus, but it’s so light, or maybe it just blends in so well with the coconut, that it’s hard to detect. I would say that this one is mostly a tropical coconut flavor with just slight hints of strawberry, watermelon, and citrus.

The life tip on the bottle says: “Passion is what makes your heart smile. What do you do purely for joy? What is that one thing that makes you forget about time? Everyone has something they are passionate about, and usually, this is the thing that they are best at because the more time you spend on something, the closer to mastery you become. Use your passions to motivate you, to drive you, and fuel you to become better in all aspects of life. By focusing and excelling in what you’re passionate about, you’ll be able to create immense value to the world and people around you.”

Hustle E-Liquid

Mastery describes this as a raspberry and sweet lemonade Italian ice.

Smell: It smells just like raspberry lemonade. It’s hard to get that Italian ice flavor in the smell, but this one smells almost exactly as it’s described.

Taste: This is raspberry lemonade for sure, and to get that Italian ice flavor, or sensation rather, is by using just a little bit of menthol or Koolada. Overall, this one is pretty good, but I get just a little bit of floral flavor at the end of the exhale, which throws it off a little. That floral taste is so minor that it seems to go away after a few hits though. I would have liked for the raspberry to be stronger, but this is still a pretty good flavor.

The life tip on the bottle says: “Everybody on this planet has the same 24 hours each day – so how is it that some people are able to achieve so much more than others? The answer is simple – it comes down to how exactly they spend their 24 hours. When you realize that time is the only thing that we can’t get back, every second of the day becomes much more valuable. Use this idea to evaluate your time, and spend every spare second of your day hustling towards your goals with a sense of urgency like your life depends on it – because it really does.”

Final Thoughts

I really enjoyed the entire line. I think all of them might require paying close attention to really notice all of the flavors in each blend, but I like that. The only one I would have liked to be a little different is the coconut one, just because I don’t think the other flavors are strong enough. But it’s still a good coconut flavor. So yeah, I like the classy labels, the prices are really affordable, and I love the messages on the bottle that make you think too.

Mastery also has a Nic-salt line, which has three totally different flavors. They didn’t send that to me, but if you’re interested, they have a blue raspberry mint flavor, a vanilla ice cream & churro flavor, and a fizzy grape & kiwi soda flavor. Those all sound awesome too. Especially that ice cream and churro!

Mastery Vape sent this e-liquid to me for review and you can get it from their site at MasteryVape.com. Use the discount code VAPEPASSION for 20% off your order.

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