Now’s the Time to Fight the Tax Bill Imposed on New Jersey

Earlier this year in June of 2018, New Jersey passed bill A4132 that imposes a $0.10 per milliliter tax on e-liquid that contains nicotine. It also imposes a one-time floor tax, or a tax on existing inventory, on all wholesalers, distributors, and retailers within the state.

That bill has passed both houses of the Senate and was signed by the governor, so it’s almost as good as done, but it was signed on July 1st and was amended to include a 90-day effective date, which would be the end of the September.

This has given lawmakers and business owners the opportunity to discuss potential alternatives to the tax. Unfortunately, the only agreement so far is in bill A4391, which changes the $0.10 per ml. tax to a 3.5% retail tax and also removes the floor tax. It’s still a tax, but one that reduces the damage that the original bill will cause. is asking that if you live in New Jersey that you send a message to New Jersey lawmakers asking them to support bill A4391. Go to to send a pre-written template and to find phone numbers of the people you should contact.

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