Ampking Batteries Now Come With Worldwide Insurance filled me in on the details of this news from Ampking and I wanted to share what I know. I also want to point out that Battery Mooch has tested several Ampking batteries and they were all good batteries at the time of his testing, so they are a trustworthy brand. You can always check for updates on Mooch’s ECF battery test page to confirm.

I have no idea what the limits of the insurance are or how someone would submit a claim, but hopefully, it’s all on the up-and-up.

Press Release

Ampking is a leading battery supplier who focuses on the vaping industry. Safety and stable performance are their first priorities and they are now providing insurance to customers to prove it. As a show of their confidence in the quality of their products, all Ampking batteries are now covered by global insurance against bodily injury and property damage. Unlike most Chinese brands, Ampking purchases Taiwan insurance for more efficient claim settlement service and to offer a better guarantee.

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