First Impressions: The eVic VT from Joyetech


Update: Gearbest sent me a coupon code! Get $47 off the eVic VT 60W with coupon code “techeVic” sent me the eVic VT to review and I wanted to do a first impressions video before giving it a full review. I think this first impressions video should give you a pretty good idea of what someone would expect using a vaporizer like this right of the box.

I’ve been using it for a week since recording my first impressions, so this blog post will have some additional thoughts not included in the video.

First things first, you can pick this up from for $99.90. (Note: they are doing a promotion where the eVic VT will go on sale soon. Follow along here.)

I experimented with a different camera and both the video and audio came out terrible, so I won’t be using that camera again. My apologies for that!

They have a Yellow, Black, and White version. All of them look great.

I wanted the black model, but they were out of them when I ordered, so I went with white. I was so tempted to go with yellow, just for something different, but I decided that white would be easier to match with my other atomizers.

If you’re a tech-geek like me, you’re going to feel some excitement opening this box. You’re greeted with a great looking device. It looks hi-tech and high quality. The paint finish on the device is really sleek.


The first thing you’ll notice when pulling it out of the box is the weight. It’s heavy! I was not expecting it to be that heavy. I might have to tighten my belt a bit when carrying this around 😉

The firing button is on opposite sides of the atomizer. My daily device up to this point has been the iStick 50w, which has the firing button on the same side of the atomizer, so it feels a little different. It might take some time to get used to that. Because of the size difference of the eVic VT, I think it makes sense to have the firing button where it is. It seems to make it more comfortable.

To turn it on, you click the firing button 5 times. If you click it 3 times after it has been powered on, you can enter the menu where you can change from variable wattage/voltage mode to variable temperature mode.

The OLED screen is crisp and looks great. It’s like switching from an old tube TV to an HD TV!


This is my first device with an ohms reader that can read in .01 increments, so I like that a lot. Now I can know exactly what ohms my coils are built at. The iStick reads in .50 increments so if you’re at 0.58 ohms, it will read 0.6. Not that big of a deal, but still nice to have a more accurate reading.

The dial on the top is springy and it works well, but wattage/temperature moves a little slow. It speeds up after holding the dial for a few seconds, but I would like it to be a little faster.

I jumped right into 60 watts and it works great on my 0.5 ohm build on the Mutation XV3. 60 watts is great to get a ton of vapor, and fast!

Someone new to vaping might feel a little overwhelmed with temperature control, but reading the manual explains it well enough. I haven’t used the temperature control option because I don’t have nickel or titanium coils, but I hope to pick some up before doing my full review.

Right out of the box, I think this is a great device. It’s powerful, it looks great, and it feels sturdy. I’m very happy with it so far.

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